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  1. hes married to a woman for a very long time and has a son.
  2. They just landed back in LA. They stayed at The Brando resort in French Polynesia.
  3. but I don't think a regular boat person would recording the view, since he literally works there and see the view every day. Those who were near the control panel in the back were boat workers I believe. But i feel like the man in white shirt recording the view is vacationing there with britney and Sam
  4. who's the man in white shirt standing behind Britney and Sam on the boat recording the view? Is it Cade ?
  5. How many times have you seen Madonna with britney? How good of friends were them? Besides recording MATM song and shot the MV, performing on 2003 VMA and one of Madonna's concert, did they do anything else together? even having lunch or hanging out together? No! and Cade is more than basic. He's a agent for several A list celebrities.... so he knows how celebrity management works..... Im sure Madonna loves Britney.... but consider her even a good friend of Britney? No, I dont believe so.
  6. Do any of you really think Madonna knows Britney that well in private? To me, thinking its Cade makes more sense than thinking it's Madonna..... He's right there.... having access to the backstage, hanging out and having meals with Britney .... etc.... so he saw Jamie, Lou, Robin, and all team Conservatorship first hand by himself....
  7. I always believe he's the one introduced Rosengart to Britney and has been helping britney behind the scenes.... I mean he's one of the few people in the circle and has many connections and knows this stuff.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUbPWluK_ZA/?utm_medium=share_sheet I'm so glad Britney has Mr. Rosengart to fight for her. hearing his speech made me wanna cry tears if joy
  9. I think Jordan said he did the interview with them on April... so yea... its filmed awhile back.
  10. great that it premiers at 3pm in my country, so i dont need to stay up at night
  11. I also believe Cade is the one that helped Britney got in touch with Rosengart. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6555131/Sean-Penn-Robin-Wrights-daughter-Dylan-Penn-shares-steamy-kiss-boyfriend-Hawaii.html Cade is a CAA agent and knows lots of people. He's also Sean Penn's agent. Mathew Rosengart is Sean Penn's laywer and close friends. Cade even vacationed in Hawaii with Sean Penn's daughter and son and stayed in Sean Penn's beachfront home. The Penn family attended Cade's Bday party. So I'd say they know each other very well. and since Jamie strictly check Brit's phone, controlling her life and Brit has to ask permission to do everything, Britney must had someone's help to be able to get in touch with top lawyer like Rosengart. Cade also friends with Rosengart on facebook so my best guess is Cade.
  12. Imaging how strictly Britney was Being monitored by team con...... Sam was just hired for the Slumber Party MV.... I remember him saying.... on set, Britney asking him for his phone number, and I he gave it to her... and one day, Britney called him and went on a date.... and they started dating..... Meanwhile.... Tish Yates, the head of wardrobe for the Circus tour and Vegas POM residency, has to go through (Jamie, Robin, Edan) if she needs to talk to Britney about wardrobe..... Also Lance Bass, wanna give Britney his phone number after meeting her backstage, wanna catch up later on, wrote his phone number on a piece of note and handed to Robin, but never heard back. Sam himself said on his instagram story before... that he wanna be a celebrity. So, he wants fame and being famous.... He must have complied with team con in some way in order to stay with Britney. Only time will tell...
  13. Yea I feel the same..... When the Framing Britney Spears aired, ppl on instagram posted about it.... but I felt ppl are so silent on Controlling Britney Spears..... but I hope more reactions/talk abouts on the following days
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