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  1. I just finished watching it with my boyfriend. It was good. They did what they could. It obviously could've been better but it wasn't bad by any means. My favorite part was when they called out Justin. Ugh, I literally screamed and acted like a maniac bc it gave me so much pleasure knowing that millions of people around the world will now truly know what a piece of scum he is down to the core. l have been trying to be graceful and not hate anybody. But jfc I can't stand the guy. I hope he gets canceled, like forever. Also is there any connection btwn Justin's cringy "I'm honored to be an LGBT ally' twitter post? Like did he assume they would be exposing him and use the ally bs as a shield or begging for mercy from us crazy Britney fans?
  2. Because Enya makes very calming soothing ethereal music that everybody can listen too. Like sh¡t you hear when getting a massage on a cruise or doing yoga Her audience is way bigger and range from all ages and both ***es. It's common to hear her music playing in the background at stores while shopping. Madonna's songs are usually sIut bops that are exclusively played at gay clubs. Her outreach is smaller.
  3. At this point most of the younger population recognizes Britney's hits, especially BOMT, more than Madonna's. Only old soggy nyc gays truly stan and worship Madonna. I mean a lot of gays call her the queen but prob don't remember the last time they played one of her songs (working out songs don't count). The only iconic Madonna hits that come to mind are Like a Virgin, and that one song where she impersonates Kylie Minogue in the music video. Theres lots of videos of "teens/kids listen to Britney Spears" and 98% of them instantly recognize her voice and say its Britney Spears, only the lame kids don't know who Britney is, and thats why they get bullied. Madonna has her place in history, nobody is taking that away and she's an huge icon but she's waning big time Last I heard of her she was posting cringy af pics of her hairy neon green dyed armpits on social media begging for attention and acting creepy in a bathtub saying weird sh¡t. Probably casting a spell, she's into that weird Freddie Krueger worshipping sh¡t. I feel like the gp likes Cher more than Madonna tbh
  4. I'm on episode 6 of the Netflix series. Imo, it isn't bad. Its fine. It's compelling enough for me to want to keep watching it. I was at Selena's last concert when she performed at the Astrodome in Houston (my hometown), and I remember sobbing when my mom told me she was murdered. Doesn't matter who plays her role, it will always feel like a miscast (same with who ever plays Britney in a movie). The actress is efficient and gives off some bootleg "Selena" energy (at least she isn't Jell-O). I really like how they focus on her siblings and not just Selena. Selena still has tons of fans and while some of yall childishly accuse her family of milking her name, its kinda nice they took the time to work on a new project with Netflix, a company who is known for top tier production and entertainment (minus that sick **** show Cuties ). Idk wtf some of you beanie babies expect her family to do. Not talk about her? Or license her image? I know some of yall would buy a Selena sweater or T-shirt (I have a few ). They manage her estate and have bills to pay too. Plus her siblings were also in the band, it wasn't just Selena by herself. Yall act like they are making a cgi version of her to perform on loop forever through a jukebox vending machine.
  5. Not to be a party pooper. But I find it sus af she hasn't made a post about SITS Then again its her birthday, she probably doesn't want to talk to us peasants today
  6. In Your Eyes (I really like the Kenny G remix ) Max Martin still has it in him, for once in a long time, I want him to make music with Britney Spears again, some sad snyth emo melodic dance bops
  7. It sounds like trash I was really hoping this was produced by Max Martin and sound similar to that absolute bop he made for The Weekend earlier this year. it straight up sounds like some lame Will.i.am ****
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