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Apple Pie Will Flop!

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8 hours ago, jordeezy said:

Now that I heard the Bebe Rexha demo of the song, if it's the same song with that particular chorus and the "Dip It Low" type instrumental, I think it has a chance to go top 20 for sure!  I am sure they have written verses for the song, kept that chorus and add a nice bridge!  It has lots of potential.... I really hope it is that song, tbh. 

That demo is most likely fake, it's been online since mid 2017 on YT:


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8 hours ago, Goku said:

she has great producers and writers, her music is mature and meaningful or at least she tries to look "an artist" :unbothered:

i can't say the same about britney nowadays, keep in mind that i don't like beyoncé :tbh:

I agree in most of you said but i really dont like her music and im not a hater 

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