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MTV used to have so many amazing music related shows and specials. I would love if Netflix started doing things like that. Like a whole new genre.  Im sure they would get great views because everyone loves music and people want to see what goes on behind the scenes. Especially if they love an particular artist.
Also they dont cost a lot to make and are great promo for the artist. They could do:

Making the Video: They could record  different artists making their videos and release them twice a year. So you would have a huge variety of artists at once. Every artist has one Episode.

Making the Music: Same as the above just with albums instead of videos.

Documentaries: Like Driven or Diary. 1 Episode per artist.

Concert Specials: Like The ABC Special for ITZ  or Christinas Storytellers or the MTV Unplugged sets. 1 Episode per artist.


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Well they already have a platform for concert specials. JT just had his exclusive footage available only on Netflix. But I feel like the times have changed a lot that these shows wouldn't be too successful now, even on Netflix. We needed those shows back then because we literally had no other way of knowing what our faves were doing behind the scenes or even on a day to day. We had to watch tv and wait for TRL or just buy an album. Now celebs can Snapchat their entire music video making process. Or give behind the scenes studio glimpses on YouTube or whatever. Those shows were fun when celebs weren't as accessible as they are now. It's like when Vh1 had that show storytellers where artists would give the background story of a song and then perform it. It got cancelled. Probably because ppl can just google whatever a song is about now. Or google an interview where the artist already talked about the song. The internet changed so much..

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