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"What you need" appreciation thread!!!

Million Billion

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Some of you do like the song and some others just hate it. I have to admit that it took me some time to really feel this song. I was watching one of those album reactions and the reaction to this song made me listen to it once more and I was like: welll, it's actually fun to listen, it's not the best from the album but it's good to hear that other side of Britney's voice. I know it sounds pitched as if it was sang by the chipmunks but as I listened to it I try to picture a  LIVE performance of this song, just imagine:

The stage as a cabaret stage with the lights, some people drinking and smoking at the bar, a similar vibe to the Onyx tour lounge-section. 

Britney wearing this typical dive red dress and long gloves 


I got chu, I got chu, I got chu, I got chu, I got chu, I got chu, I got chuuuuuuu. (I freaking love this part)



Maybe at the Grammys, Billboards, AMA's or even at the VMA's ??? She needs to "bring the diva that lives in her". I know this will never happen but guys, we can only dream. 

Do you have any "dream performance" of one of her songs that never was or even never will be? That was mine, feel free to share yours. 

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I Luh that song

at first i didn't like her voice, i thought it was too babysh and annoying, but  the last part of the song (baby i got whatchu, baby i got whatchu want) and the way she plays with her voice when she sings the last line : baby..... i.... got ......... whaa...... you....... want.... made me love the song, and now it's one of my faves

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I expect this thread to be closed and abandoned by the time Godney hit the stage and sing Piece of me live for thirsty philippines crowd :queenflopga:














JK, I love WYN. so much power in her voice and it's so dramatic. If there was a video, I was picturing smth in Andy Warhol style. Artsy fartsy:giggleney:

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