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  1. Smoking can cause gum recession, I think that's the reason. _ Her hair looks so good.Too bad she probably will go back to that boring blonde in a couple of weeks.
  2. Hi. When I was a child, I used to see a mv on tv and I remember that I really liked it and I've been trying to find it on the net but I can't.The singer was a blonde woman with wavy hair and a piercing in her nose I guess? As far as I can remember, she kinda looked like Kesha.She was singing the song at a window or on a rooftop at some point.Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  3. if those artists have hurt someone (murder, r***, supporting or justifying that kind of crimes etc), I think they shouldn't be supported in any way and I immediately stop listening to their music or watching their movies.even if I still want to listen to some of their songs, for example, it doesn't make me feel good.it only reminds me of the things they have done and I feel like such a ****ty person.even though I'm not sure the allegations about MJ are true, I feel bad while listening to his songs (I've tried doing it and I couldn't, even though he is dead).and I can't listen to nicki minaj knowing that she is a rap*** enabler and supporter.and I have some friends who are fans of hers and I can't stand their hypocrisy.normally they act woke, mindful, sensitive about some issues but apparently they are not.let alone still listening to her, they act like nothing happened and like she is such a nice person; that's what makes me sick.just because she is a famous rapper... not stopping listening to their songs or watching their movies etc...OK. but ignoring the **** they have done and still loving them as a person, talking highly of them etc...no.
  4. She is super pretty and these pics reminded me of Anastacia, another one of my faves ( I'm talking abut the glasses).And I really like that style.
  5. she has such a ****ty personality. the owners of the shop should sue her stupid ***. she is not only an idiot but also a selfish and thoughtless person.
  6. I love both women and I think beyonce is the better performer but christina's music >>> beyonce's music imo (especially stripped and back to basics >>>) so I chose christina.
  7. In my country, 237 people died from covid TODAY! Hundreds of people die because of that **** every day, only in Turkey. People are not getting vaccinated for ******* flu, it's a deadly disease. Do you live under a rock or something? I understand why you don't trust the vaccine, but you can't make light of covid while people are dying and imply that people who get vaccinated are stupid.
  8. whenever I watch that video, I feel sad that I wasn't born with that face.this is the prettiest she has ever looked imo.
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