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  1. Are we watching the same rehearsal, she's having fun onstage and serving attitude, I'm living for that ponytail whip at 'Oww'
  2. I’m looking for this clip now more than ever with the whole Free Britney movement happening. I think it’s where this gif is from but I’m not 100% sure
  3. I’m still looking for this btw, I high key stan this bish.
  4. Message me back on Insta :gerlwat:

  5. Where can I find the uncensored version of the Gimme More music video that aired on Music Choice. I had it on my old laptop but now I can’t find it anywhere. Just a low res small screen version in YouTube. Does anyone have it in decent quality, it leaked online a few years back.
  6. This topic isn’t relevant anymore. This dude isn’t for somebody, he’s for everybody. I just got caught up in the moments and lies. I know better than to fall for this kind of thing but every now and then I slip up also I started talking to someone else like a month later and forgot about this guy.
  7. Not you bumping this old thread lmao also Hi
  8. I haven’t been online in years...this new layout is confusing :sponge:

    1. Jordan Miller

      Confusing in what way. I'm here to help 🙏 

  9. It’s depressing af, sometimes I wish I was straight so I wouldn’t deal with the same **** over and over again. I go through the same cycle with men and I don’t notice it until I’ve already been played. Maybe monogamy is a myth. Just some late night thoughts, I couldn’t sleep and had to vent.
  10. He just wants to **** sis, that’s why he hasn’t set a date for the date. If he wanted to take you out he would, but he’s hoping you’ll settle for some bedroom fun either that or he’s just not interested.
  11. I started to sell mine, I got rid of the easy to sell ones (Britney, Lana Del Rey) but there are some that I can’t get rid of by lesser known artists (Ashanti, Vance Joyce, etc.) because no one wants them lol. I’m only keeping my 2 Mariah vinyl records, it’s an expensive hobby to collect vinyls so I stopped.
  12. Where TF is it? I can’t find a good version of it on the web besides shitty pixelated versions. Youtube only has the Black & White photo shoot version, but the one I remember she’s dancing in palm trees with this really cute dress and then there’s some scenes of her on the beach. I low key stan this *****.
  13. I do You should watch the full video
  14. Well...she went full Michael Myers on someone
  15. I would've given him a ******** or something, just enough to keep him at bay but be totally comfortable at work
  16. O -|- /\ a self portrait instead
  17. I’m still wondering if that’s official or not, it’s so detailed and it looks like them but something about that photo is off.
  18. People have brought this up, I think this is one of the clips that one of the hosts of ‘The Talk’ we’re talking about when they said she’s been trying to get out of this since 2009. Her father has always used custody of the boys against her, he’s giving Joe Jackson a run for his money
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