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Is Britney's dancing annoying to you?

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Okay, so I know this is a TIRED subject at this point, but we need to discuss something about Britney's dancing that I think everyone has noticed recently. This post isn't meant to be hateful, but I just want to open a discussion and see what everyone else is thinking.

After watching Britney's POM performances from the past couple of years, and now with her tour, I think it's pretty safe to say that most of Britney's "dancing" is nothing but a series of poses, strutting, and jerky/random arm movements that don't really flow with the music. It's like she's lost her rhythm. She use to really FEEL the music and it made her choreography and overall stage presence shine, but now you can literally feel her counting each step and trying to hit every mark. There's nothing really entertaining or eye-catching about her performances now. Don't even get me started on how she constantly touches and pulls at her hair and the endless hair flips, and I can't with the constant arms-above-the-head-hands-together pose - she will literally do that 50 times in one performance - or the lean-forward-and-rub-butt pose. Ugh! Most of the time, she's so out of rhythm that she just looks like she's fumbling around aimlessly while the back-up dancers do the actual dancing. There have been a few moments where some of her old dancing skills started to shine through, but she never really goes there. I'm not saying that all of her performances are BAD, but I honestly can't say they're spectacular. I mean, she's usually out-of-sync with her back-up dancers, she doesn't complete some of her dance moves (she's not singing, so there's no real reason for her to not go ALL-IN with the choreography), or she just does half-***/lazy choreography that's really more walking/skipping/strutting than anything else.

I guess my biggest issue is WHAT HAPPENED? Her talent isn't something you can really teach to someone. Sure, you can practice and get better, but if you have it you have it, and if you don't, you don't. She HAD it. I'm sure she still does because those things don't just go away, but it's like she doesn't put any effort into actually dancing anymore. Her energy has definitely improved in the last 2 years, and she seems happier, but her dancing needs serious improvement. You can't make an entire show out of 10% actual choreography, 70% walking/strutting, and 20% posing - at least not if you're Britney Spears.


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Her 'dancing' is the only thing that bothers me. In fact, it's why I stopped stanning after seeing her Circus tour. Dancing is an integral part of why Britney wowed people throughout the years. She would have been just another popstar who fizzed if it weren't for her dance skills.  Look at the rest of the blonde pop acts in the 2000's. Almost all of them fizzled after their first albums. Christina lasted as long as she did because of her power house vocals. Jessica Simpson went into fashion. It's sad to see what britney's dancing has become. It's so cringeworthy to watch that sometimes i have to close the video. In fact, I don't even think her chipmunked 'live' songs would even bother me as much if she JUST DANCED! 

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Primeney just used to put all her free time in dancing, rehearsals, choreography. I don't think anyone realised just how much rehearsals and time went into that.

Now she has a family and choses to enjoy life instead of work all the time.

Also she lost a lot of confidence going through a few traumatic years. Trauma changes a person.

And also she doesn't feel the need to be the cool chick that amazes everyone anymore.

I think it's all these things together that make her performances less spectactular than they used to be. :mhm:

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Idk about that excuse of Britney focusing on family. Every dance instructor I had was usually not actively working in the dance world anymore and had settled down to teach (so not rehearsing and training nonstop). Their natural talent and rhythm didn't drastically decline. 

More likely it's a combination of anxiety, laziness, and not caring to improve bc she has "nothing to prove". Also the fact that Britney seems to have a different perspective for what counts as an acceptable performance.

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