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Work ***** was the biggest...


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the biggest oppurtunity to make Britney relevant again. Everything about that song was so perfect that it didn't even require decent promos to become a hit. But with decent promos and performances it would have been the biggest turning point of Britney's career. :letitburn:

-Britney was still popular when they released the song. From 3 to IWG, even to criminal in some countries, Britney was a well-known singer for the gp. Even FF Tour was getting interest. To not to lose interest, they should have been given us a crazy promo (GOD DAMMIT DESERT PERFORMANCE :meltdown:) They could have arranged something like Gaga did while she was releasing the Artpop album cover. Something really cool to make gp believe that she's a mom now okay but, someone cool and interesting. This is how ******* Thiefonce became relevant, with creating a fake look for every ******* song of her.

-Title of the song was original and creative for its time. You know, the idea of "work" bumped after work *****. If Britney and her team would try to shine it a little better, everyone could have been heard about the song. 

-THAT SONG WAS ON FIRE. I mean, I was in a club after the releasing day of wb video and everyone in the club got crazy. In the video britney was looking so ******* awsome. I even cought a straight friend of mine ready to jerk on her :embarrassney: Radios would eat it up with huge radio deals. GOD THEY SPENT MILLIONS TO THE VIDEO, WHY NOT TO THE PROMO DEALS? 

-After wb, with other catch BJ songs they could contunie but you know, it just didn't work. 

Whats your thoughts? Should britney do something like WB again? 





          GODNEY BLESS WORK *****

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It was such a wasted opportunity, their main focus at that point was Vegas as usual :jolieoverit: Not doing a promo performance was a huge mistake, the song was everywhere (and it still gets played a lot) and people were loving the beat. Sadly nothing happened later and the fuss went away.

Same thing happened with Make Me, they ended up releasing a shitty video which made no impact and the song as much as they wanted to promote it got barely recognition and it finally died within a few months. 

AND YES I agree Brintey should do something like WB again, as we learned the hard way with Glory the GP is not here for midtempos so we should stick with the usual dance songs and when the attention is back again then they can release all the midtempos and ballads they want. 

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YES! Work ***** is in my top 3 Britney songs! That song was very different for her. Completely made for the gays, the way it was written. The instrumental alone. They really fumbled with what could have been like you said a huge turning point with taking her fully back to mainstream status. Such a shame. Wish they would have saved it for an album that Britney was fully invested in. I was so happy when it finally got a tv performance on the BBMA. That song just screams Britney, gay, fierceness. 

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even though it wasn't a mega hit, it still became a britney classic. I mean the "You betta work *****!" is pretty classic britney. 

The BJ era was a mess overall. It was rushed, and they used it to promote vegas instead. Us fans were dying for a televised performance on GMA and all we got was this:

Image result for courtney friel gif britney

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WB was the moment when her team started to ruin her career. FF was an amazing era, with smash singles and WB had everything to be another smash hit but they wasted it with an awful promo. The only thing we got was POM promo. And it is sad becase the GP loved the song... :orangu:

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Slay Gagnam Style 2.0 :yeahhh: (sorry I have always believed it was rip off pf the GS). That was the last time Brinni slayed me with a music video, Im being serious, like watching it over and over and over again like 20 times a day.  :crying4:

The song wasn't well received but after the MV release, it became a fan favorite and even some people of the GP liked it. It didn't need that much, she came from S&S in 2012, the song was catchy AF! + the choreo was the closest to primeney since 2004  + the hype of a new album after almost 3 years  + it was released before the awards season, can't believe they have wasted so many opportunities having one of the most relevant pop stars in history. I know the focus was the Vegas show but, in the long run, it was beneficial for Planet Hollywood because it was free promotion for them. I just do not understand their logic :jolieoverit:

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Yes! They should ******* drive her by bus to that freaking dessert and make that performance happen!

And whats more they should arrange couple promo performances when POM started or even before POM, reschedule everything. But yeah, we can talk, we can plan, but they will always suck

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That's our problem for the last 2 eras. 

The first single is awesome and then her team loses it and the hype is gone.

For WB we got an awesome video but there were no performances.

For Make Me they didn't debut the single on BBMAs where she was the shocking Britney Spears we all know, they changed the video for sth worse and they lost almost all support from the fanbase. At least there was some promo for it.

At least they released SP with an amazing video but way too long after the first single.

Now I am waiting for the 3rd single and they better release one and not go with the 'alien' route that Britney was sure they would release it and as it seems it just didn't work.

The flopping is their fault cause both Make Me and Slumber Party were survivors in radios and I tunes, not at the top but they were steady and the push at least for SP never came.

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Work ***** was the true return for Brit. Then the bj era and vegas happened and she lost fans due to her staying in one area.  People want Britney to come visit them it's just how it works.  The bbmas in 2016 was fire and I was so excitied for the era and then well the make me disaster happened and it went down hill from there.  

She better bring it for B10 and her team and label need to get there head out of there ***. They are ruining her image 

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Call me crazy, but I don't remember WB being some huge hit. I know it sold well, but I vaguely remember radio stations ever playing it. I heard it maybe once in the gym. She never performed it for promo, her initial Vegas performances of it were a mess, and it had that EDM-esque  sound that ppl in GP were kinda over. I feel like that era should have started with a new single and album all together.?

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