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Revealed blind item about Beyonce being compared to Britney. Shocking.

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I believe this ****. I feel like Jay-Z is Britney's conservatorship to Beyonce. Isn't this shocking? Seeing her act this fiercy and deep down she must be a submissive insecure woman I just find this very interesting. However I'm happy Britney is doing so well nowadays.


Today’s Blind Items – She’s Just Like Britney


September 14, 2015

Did you know there is another A+ list singer out there that is just like Britney Spears? The only thing that has managed to keep this other A+list singer out of the headlines is that she is watched 24/7 much like Britney is now. Our singer was headed down a road of hair shaving and pink wig wearing but then got involved with a celebrity who saw their potential as a power couple. He loved the idea of creating a brand with her while at the same time being able to do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted and she would never say or do anything. It is just not in her nature. Apparently she is almost dead behind the eyes and is happy just taking photos of herself and traveling the world. She would rather stay home then to have to get dressed to the level of what is expected. She would rather just watch television or talk to her friends. Her guy loves it. He goes out all of the time alone and is never asked about his life by her. Others close to her call him out, but not her.


I find this interesting because I'm not a Beyonce fan, I mean I do like some of her songs and watching her perform cos she is talented but I never thought about her this way. I never realized how little I know about her personal life. Dude, she's been married to that ugly face for like 10 years and we all know how fake that marriage is, even her pregnancy. Isnt this all weird? remembering that elevator situation with her sister where Beyonce didnt do anything it just goes to show she's under some chains and she stays with him because of her career. Obviously Britney is not in the same situation but we all know she's been through some tough times and obviously the conservatorship.

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Well, I wouldn't doubt it, in this case I think is worse than Britney, at least Britney has no romantic LINK to the person (technically) telling her what to do or dragging her alone (like Jason almost did).


Plus if is Beyonce, I never understood her "girl power" etc if she keep with a constant cheater and never calls him out but other women.


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1 minute ago, derick said:

She's calculated af tho 

Meh, Beyoncé has the best team in the business currently. It's not all her. In fact, I would say over 70% of her amazingness is her team giving ideas, etc. She is definitely less-than-smart. FFS she barely passed high school. She can barely speak in complete sentences. 

I will say she is a beautiful woman and a stage blazer, and the best in the biz right now no one can take her. But LBR her platform is provided by a smart and very resourceful team.

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I think they were going to divorce last year and she came up with lemonade. he was probably like "no btich you aint playing me like that" so they arranged to keep on the fake marriage and make this album a story as a marketing strategy. she is unhappy with him, that is why sometimes she actually does call him off during concert changing some lyrics. i mean wtf? why realease all this exposing music about your current husband? lmao do we even know any other men linked romantically to beyonce? i feel like she is asexual. he is in it for the business and she is in it cos she is a money ambitious *****. she does her part performing and she's great at it but in her personal life i feel like she doesnt have a say. i mean, what about the elevator incident? dam she didnt move a finger when her sister beated him! and about the child....she was NEVER pregnant...


i predict they will divorce soon and she will be exposed even though she does have a great marketing team.

btw, the blind item is indeed about beyonce. it was confirmed by the site.

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4 hours ago, justphil said:

The fall of Beyoncé will happen. No one can stay on top forever. It is inevitable. All the greats have had it happen to them. Michael, Whitney, Elvis...Britney :rihclap:


IDK. Beyonce is super charged with the whole Black Lives Matter movement. Her entire image now revolves around exploiting it to push her music. The others didnt have that, except maybe MJ, but he was never totally shielded from criticism by being a black icon like Beyonce currently is being treated.

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