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Found 10 results

  1. This guy Vitaly was there on the day and vlogged about it, check it out
  2. It’s so good to see them together behind the scenes 👑👑👑
  3. Hello Everyone! First & Foremost, NO HATERS and NEGATIVE VIBES in this thread, please. If you have negative viewpoints on my dreams and goals just keep it to yourself. Anyways first off I want to say thank you to all who showed love during a moment of weakness with my mental health (depression, anxiety) and I appreciate all the comments. I'm sorry if I came across rude to some people in the thread I started as well and I ask any mod to feel free to delete that thread altogether. Lighter note- I've released my first single "Center Stage" instrumental sneak peek Visualizer with footage from my YouTube Docuseries titled The JT Chronicles which premieres Dec 2 only on YouTube. The song was written and produced by JayTawndré (myself). It's a very upbeat song and I'm excited to share it with you all. Please like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel on YouTube. The actual first single with vocals will release January 5, 2022. Also, "Center Stage (Part 2) (Remixed)" instrumental is out this Friday, October 15. I would like to see which one you guys prefer. So excited! my social media is in my profile on Exhale as well (Instagram and Twitter). I'm so excited to share this with y'all! JayTawndré/Exhale Squad what do y'all think? @I Always Sing Live @arama @jokobish @Markoct @Avasmom43 @Kevney @MikeHunt @PokemonSpears @boyinthemirror @Onyxgirl17 @DJBringItBack @Rik @Jordan Miller @Henry M. Torres @Slayer @Style. @SlayOut @BritneyLVR @Xavierleleon @rennen @Nickey @Alexanda @Midnight @Lou Thoughts, Exhale?
  4. Hey Exhale! The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and before I knew it I was feeling down. I forgot how easy it is sometimes to slip into this mode where you compare yourself to everyone which never leads to anywhere good. I just have to remember that Instagram is not reality. One way I escape from the digital toxicity is by running to the gym (I know big surprise lol). Do any of you ever feel this way? What do you do? Would love to hear from you in the comments. PS - forgot to mention in the video 🤦🏼‍♂️ the shirt I'm wearing says HWPO - that stands for "hard work pays off."
  5. Hey Exhale! Vlog time 😎 I mentioned going through a bit of a hard time recently. This is why. Any love you can show my new Vlog channel would be greatly appreciated. I haven't abandoned the main channel - I'm just enjoying vlogging right now. Let me know what you think of the new vid 🙏
  6. Hey Exhale. If you think some of the negative comments from my last vlog were going to get me to put the camera down you're mistaken The point of these vlogs are to give you guys a peek at my life behind-the-scenes. In the latest episode, I open up about some of the hot topics from this week for me, including my Lady Gaga article getting published in Medium, Lynne's friend commenting on BH's Instagram post about her dancing in a club without a mask and more. There was a whole Justin Bieber segment in this but I cut it so you're welcome in advance Let me know what you guys think! Any love you can show the video would be greatly appreciated! Tap here to watch!
  7. Hey Exhale, so one thing I've struggled with as an adult is knowing when to say when. It's important to know when to take rest days. I've also found a lot of value in creating a stable morning routine. It helps me set my day up for success before I dive into working on BreatheHeavy and my fitness goals. This is literally what I do every day before firing up my laptop and diving into Exhale. Subscribe to my new vlog channel and like the video if you can. It'd be greatly appreciated! Let me know what ya think.
  8. Hey Exhale. I gotta admit... I had a rough week. Instead of turning inward and running from things, I decided to move forward, hit the gym and act silly with my best friend trying on clothes he gave me. I know these vlogs are a bit aimless and random, but they are real peeks at my days. It's been really nice to just pick up the camera and go and be my authentic self in the process. Love y'all. Happy Saturday! PS - what was your favorite outfit?
  9. Hi Exhale! I vlogged my experience covering the Grammys on Exhale. I wish I would have mentioned in the video that the ladies of the night slayed; still getting used to picking up the camera and speaking candidly lol. Any engagement with this new vlog would be greatly appreciated! This channel is brand new so any likes and subscribes would be awesome. Thoughts? Related:
  10. Hey Exhale, even though I have so much more growing to do on my main YouTube channel, I wanted to take a stab at trying Vlog-style videos. I thought it might be cool to give you guys more of a behind-the-scenes look at my life as an entrepreneur, running BreatheHeavy, being an athlete, working in community building and more. I decided to pick up my camera and go. This might flop I have no idea lol, but I still felt compelled to give this style of content creation a try. Don't worry, my main channel videos aren't going anywhere. This channel is literally brand new as of today, so if you'd subscribe to it it'd be greatly appreciated! Let me know your thoughts.
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