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Found 18 results

  1. ‘Renaissance’ illustration by the super talented Hayden Williams. 👑
  2. Beautiful Disneyesque illustration artwork By Servando Hernandez 😍🤍 We hope B sees creative stuff like this.
  3. Britney won’t be happy. A Man dressed as an old woman jumps out of wheelchair, smears cake on Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting at Lourve Museum in Paris.
  4. Claudia is a fan and a talented artist from New York Santiago and she paints Britney from her Instagram videos using the movement technique and she’s produced many other britney pop culture moments. She has even presented them in art exhibitions. 🤩👏🎨
  5. Britney admires this painting by carol 🖼 in a Instagram post
  6. One More Time, the Britney Spears illustrated book by Juan Sanguino is now on sale at the JENESAISPOP store https://tienda.jenesaispop.com/products/britney-one-more-time
  7. Here are some more of my Britney photoshop work over the years. A lot of them are very simple I know but simple is key sometimes if you know the concept you’re going for. Not expecting everyone to like em knowing there’s a mix bag of characters on exhale but as Britney used to say when recording glory “I told myself dare to suck”
  8. She will/would slay. Probably her most personal record since Britney Jean After all she been thru sis, she already has been confirmed to write some songs. It could be deeply intimate and personal. We want something organic and heartdriven from her but also that signature Britney sound we stan for Max Martin, Danja, Bloodshy, RedOne, Finneas, Rock Mafia, William Orbit, Stuart Price, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Petras, DarkChild, DJ Mustard and Diplo for B10 as producers and collaboraters! . Thoughts, Girl?!
  9. Hello Everyone! First & Foremost, NO HATERS and NEGATIVE VIBES in this thread, please. If you have negative viewpoints on my dreams and goals just keep it to yourself. Anyways first off I want to say thank you to all who showed love during a moment of weakness with my mental health (depression, anxiety) and I appreciate all the comments. I'm sorry if I came across rude to some people in the thread I started as well and I ask any mod to feel free to delete that thread altogether. Lighter note- I've released my first single "Center Stage" instrumental sneak peek Visualizer with footage from my YouTube Docuseries titled The JT Chronicles which premieres Dec 2 only on YouTube. The song was written and produced by JayTawndré (myself). It's a very upbeat song and I'm excited to share it with you all. Please like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel on YouTube. The actual first single with vocals will release January 5, 2022. Also, "Center Stage (Part 2) (Remixed)" instrumental is out this Friday, October 15. I would like to see which one you guys prefer. So excited! my social media is in my profile on Exhale as well (Instagram and Twitter). I'm so excited to share this with y'all! JayTawndré/Exhale Squad what do y'all think? @I Always Sing Live @arama @jokobish @Markoct @Avasmom43 @Kevney @MikeHunt @PokemonSpears @boyinthemirror @Onyxgirl17 @DJBringItBack @Rik @Jordan Miller @Henry M. Torres @Slayer @Style. @SlayOut @BritneyLVR @Xavierleleon @rennen @Nickey @Alexanda @Midnight @Lou Thoughts, Exhale?
  10. You guys, I have something so exciting to share So I started to do smudge art like few weeks ago so I'm still new at this. I have tons ideas as I'm very creative, I've always loved creating, and being inspired. Yesterday I came back to Britney's Dream Within a Dream Tour performance where there was water everywhere & she had this outfit with diamonds And this inspired me sm There will probably never be a male gay/bi pop star with beauty, charisma etc. on Britney's level so I had to create one Ladies and b tches, this is him: As u can see he's wearing diamond jewelry everywhere, even in nipples and belly like Britney I made a version with jeans instead of underwear but in my opinion it didn't look good. This art gave me another idea. What if Exhale users united and tried to ''create'' our own male gay/bi pop star inspired by real pop girls? How cool is that I love people being creative so I'm open for every idea. If some of u feel inspired, maybe you can come up with: his name lyrics of his songs music sound music videos his performances outfits (give me ideas for my next paintings ) his private life, lovers, pets etc. his scandals other things I forgot to mention Everyone, please give every idea you have no matter if someone came up with something like that before I even have first idea. I'm sure a lot of u know Britney unreleased song about an*I ''Over To You Now'' , this song is very ***ual and hot and I think that'd for sure be his song This is so funny I'm waiting for your thoughts on my art & your ideas to make our pop boy even more real @Midnight @Jordan Miller What about featuring it?
  11. Its like Britney meets Beyonce meets Janet meets Shakira meets Madonna
  12. Let’s see if the REAL story gets main-paged! This thread was main-paged based on a tweet by Twitter account PopCrave that is several days old and contains a photoshopped tweet as a “resource” This is the order of events with the full story: Before you go off, you don’t have to like or agree with Ben Shapiro to see the timeline laid out appropriately in this video. (Includes all tweets in the exchange) So Cardi, who has huge pull, is publicly slandering and spreading misinformation about two (indirectly 3) people. You guys, her trashy self DUG UP doctored tweets and posted them to share with the world and LOLed about it because she was pissed that someone didn’t think her performance was tasteful when it was being shoved down the throats of anyone who watched the Grammys. come on. I’d like to start a conversation if we can about how much of what we digest is twisted like this. And for people who are both writing threads that become articles like this, (or any for that matter,) you should do your research before taking to the keyboards and spouting off a story you didn’t bother to finish researching. You don’t end a story at the point that is most pleasing to you, you end it at the end. No matter what you think of either of these two women, at least educate yourself before screaming your opinion for neighbors to hear. Times are a-changing but we need to be more transparent and also more understanding of how rapidly our culture is deteriorating and being pushed into this over-***ualized market. Kids are getting procedures done like crazy now. You think it’s because they’re NOT being influenced by pop culture? Kids are dancing like this now. I’m not being a stick in the mud, I’m saying LITERAL 7 year olds are doing the crybaby. You think they’re NOT being influenced by pop culture? My opinion is that THAT performance took it too far for a program broadcast on CBS at 8PM, that is expected to be more family friendly than this. If that was on the VMAs or the BET Awards, you think it would be such a thing? And Candace made it about what she thinks her acts of women empowerment are, which don’t include the performance choreo... or the lyrics of the song. I know none of you can do anything about it, but just look how far we have fallen morally. That’s the root of this. And to circle it back, we can’t accept inaccurate reporting. It’s connected. TLDR: watch the Ben Shapiro video and then see what you think. and I believe this original thread needs to be removed from the main page because many readers get their music news from reading the headlines and the article was written to incorrectly celebrate Cardi B and it makes Candace look bad. It’s just. A lie. edit: thank you Jordan, I see the story is no longer featured.
  13. I saw this on Facebook and I thought it was really cool. The only ones missing are Break the Ice, Scream & Shout and Ooh La La, but he basically did everything else, including the ones that often get overlooked. He's great.
  14. Are there any? If so, what’s your style?
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