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Found 21 results

  1. Hello r@+s! Your favorite problematic Exhaler @GODNA IS A QUEEN here. Thought I'd finally post the long-awaited list of the most searched artists, WORLDWIDE, from the year 2021 which I have been meaning to do for some time. In the brackets are each of these artists' gains/losses in comparison to the year prior, 2020. Here is the official list. Drumroll please. 40. Will Smith [-25, BIGGEST DECLINE] 39. Zendaya [DEBUT] 38. Elvis Presley [-10] 37. Lil Nas X [DEBUT] 36. Madonna [-5] 35. Cardi B [-16] 34. Nicki Minaj [-7] 33. LISA [DEBUT] 32. The xx [-2] 31. Queen [-5] 30. TWICE [-1] 29. Beyoncé [-15] 28. Dua Lipa [+5] 27. Jimin [+8] 26. The Beatles [-2] 25. Ed Sheeran [DEBUT, +19] 24. Selena Gomez [-1] 23. Marília Mendonça [DEBUT] 22. Olivia Rodrigo [BREAKOUT DEBUT] 21. The Weeknd [+18] 20. Travis Scott [+1] 19. Lady Gaga [-1] 18. Rihanna [+2] 17. Eminem [-8] 16. Drake [-4] 15. Jungkook [+10] 14. Harry Styles [-4] 13. Jennifer Lopez [=] 12. Adele [+4] 11. V [+6] 10. Britney Spears [+26, HOTTEST GAIN] 9. Ye [+2] 8. Michael Jackson [-1] 7. Taylor Swift [+1] 6. Justin Bieber [-1] 5. Ariana Grande [-1] 4. BLACKPINK [+2] 3. Billie Eilish [-1] 2. XXXTENTACION [+1] 1. BTS [=] Source: Google Trends 2020 List attached for reference: Happy? Sad? Shocked? Surprised? Let us know in the comments below.
  2. Take note that this data is global, not just US-centric. Top 30: BTS - Dynamite Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license Ariana Grande - positions Pop Smoke - For the Night (feat. Lil Baby & DaBaby) The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Justin Bieber - Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & GIVĒON) Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber - STAY Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez - Dakiti Dua Lipa - Levitating (feat. DaBaby) Drake - Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby) Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) Yuuri - Dried Flower Pooh Shiesty - Back in Blood (feat. Lil Durk) Polo G - RAPSTAR 24kGoldn - Mood (feat. iann dior) Lil Baby - On Me Pop Smoke - What You Know Bout Love YOASOBI - 夜に駆ける Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean BTS - Butter Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) Lil Tjay & 6LACK - Calling My Phone SZA - Good Days GIVĒON - HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Cardi B - Up Olivia Rodrigo - deja vu The Weeknd - Save Your Tears CJ - Whoopty Full list: >>>click here<<< If anyone's curious, here's the data on Apple Music vs. Spotify when it comes to userbase (source):
  3. UPDATE - tl;dr; version: Just sent me a list of your favorite songs from the submissions you can see below in the Quote block. I'll take care of how much points you give to each of them depending on how you order your list, and how many songs you submit. See image for an example. If you don't know the songs, in the comment section you can find several Spotify playlists with all the submissions, ordered by the month they were released in. You can literally just vote for 1 SONG !!! and it'll receive 100 points ================================== From the past couple of months I asked y'all to submit your favorite songs from 2021, so we can determine Exhale's Top 100 songs of the year. Despite initial comments about how bad this year's music was, over 475 songs were submitted. Submissions: So we have a lot of work to do to reduce those down to the best 100 songs, according to us The voting period will be from November 1st, 2021 to November 30, 2021. ============================ The voting The rules are not so simple. You'll send me a private message with the list of songs you're voting for: To avoid the trouble of writing numbers, since I've noticed some people don't know this feature exists, you just have to click the Ordered List icon on the text editor, and it will start a list from 1 that automatically increases by 1 every time you click Enter. You DON'T have to give them a score, instead, your #1 song will receive 100 points, and then the rest of your songs will receive a lower score depending on how many you submit. #1 song gets 100 pts, then #2 receives 100 - ( 100/total of songs you submit), and so on that amount keeps subtracting until your last song. Again, you don't have to do any calculations, that's my job, you only have to give me an ordered list. But, just for reference, here's a chart. As you can see (if you're able to see the full image lol), 100 songs is the limit, but you can submit as few songs as you want, but for example, if you submit only 20 songs, your #1 song gets 100 points, but your 20th receives only 5 points. Whereas if you submit 100 songs, your 20th song receives 81. So it's up to you how much you want to support your faves. There's a catch, you can't vote for two songs by the same artist in a row. There were many submissions which are basically the full album, or even from different albums/singles by the same artist. So in order to keep things interesting and fresh and varied, if you want to vote for the 20 submissions of one artist, you'll have to add 20 or so more songs, and these will have to be intercalated. Example: Song by Artist 'X' Song by Artist 'Y' Song by Artist 'X' If you don't care about the rule and still submit your songs as you want to, I'll rearrange the songs for you with whichever song comes next on your list. If there aren't enough songs to do this, then I'll just give them the score they should get as if you'd put another song in between them. ============================ Songs released in November So the only songs I'm gonna be accepting are the ones that appear on this post, which were the ones submitted between September and October, otherwise I'll ignore them. If your favorite song is not here, I'm sorry, y'all had almost two months to submit it. The only exceptions I'm making are for any songs released between November 1st to November 30, and you'll have to comment in here your submission so others can see it and perhaps vote for it too. If none of your November songs make it to the top, don't worry since you can still submit them to the weekly Top 20 which is probably gonna start by the middle of this month, so keep an eye on that, since that's gonna count for next year's Top 100. Songs released in December won't be accepted because the voting period will be over, since I have to do the calculations and prepare the posts for the reveal. But again, they can make it to the Top 20 which should be up and running by then, hopefully. If you submit your votes any given day of November, then a week later a new song comes out and you want to vote for it, just send me another message telling me at what position you want to put it, and I'll do the changes. But make sure to comment the song on here, so the rest can see it. ============================ The results I'll stop receiving entries on November 30, and I'll start the calculations in December. My goal is to announce the results the last week of the year: December 27: #100 - #81 December 28: #80 - #61 December 29: #60 - #41 December 30: #40 - #21 December 31: #20 - #1 But if I have them earlier, maybe I'll start posting them when I'm ready, since I don't know how busy I'll be that week with the holidays and stuff. ============================ As you can see, we have lots of songs, and if everyone just votes for a few ones, and they're all different, we're not gonna be able to determine a top list, since there's gonna be a lot of songs with the same score, so please make an effort to listen to some of the other submissions and give them some points, or even if your strategy is for a particular song or particular artist not to make the top, then vote for every other song that is not theirs However you wanna see it, but I'd thank you a lot if you vote for as many as you can. You can comment on here to encourage others to support your favorite songs, without spamming, just link one song per comment, or something moderate like that (I'll moderate the thread if it becomes too spammy lol). Another thing is that you can encourage your friends outside or inside Exhale to vote for your faves (obviously outsiders have to join the forum), like even if they just give an extra 100 points to your favorite song, that can make the difference. So spread the word, and good luck to all of your songs. Special thanks to those that contributed with the submissions, I'll require of your help again to make this work, as I said, by spreading the word and promoting your favorite songs, etc. You may have a special participation in case I need it...
  4. Last week, I asked you about making our own list of this year's best songs (with the hope of making it a yearly tradition). By seeing the reaction to it and the comments I received, I realized it won't be as easy (or as fun) to do it, but I'll try it anyway, as an experiment. So I figured out it will be "simpler" if we have a fixed list of nominations, and then ask people to vote from them. The process will be as follows: #1 Submission of entries Starting from today until October 31st, we'll be receiving your suggestions for the poll on this thread. What songs are eligible? Any song released between December 01, 2020 and November 30, 2021* They can be singles or non-singles, and re-releases too (as long as they're new versions). Even remixes can count as separate entries. It can be a song in English, Spanish, French, Korean or any language you speak or like. It doesn't matter if it charted anywhere or not. Unreleased tracks that leaked this year, their eligibility is still pending to whatever the majority decides and how many entries we get. We will limit it to one per artist, to begin with, we'll see how that plays. Depending on how many people participate in this stage, we may limit the entries to 10 songs per user at first, and we'll increase it if we don't get enough songs as time goes by. Keep all your suggestions in just one comment on this thread. Add name of the song, artist and if you can, the month it was released. If you're gonna add a link to a Youtube video or Spotify, put them inside a Spoiler tag (the eye icon). Before submitting your entries, check what other users have already posted to avoid duplicates (I'll try to keep the OP updated every day with all the suggestions) You don't have to rate your songs at this stage We need to have at least 100 songs to vote from, and 250 at most? I don't think we'll get as many, but in the exceptional case that we do, we'll see if we remove the limit. * I know I said the submissions are open until October 31st, but I'm considering the possibility that maybe a really amazing song is released in November and you want to vote for it, so we'll notify everyone that there's a new entry. If you already voted by then, you'd have to notify me the changes in your voting. Songs released in December won't be eligible, again, unless a really extraordinary case happens, because by the first week of December I'll start calculating the results. #2 The voting The voting period will be from November 1st, 2021 to November 30, 2021. This is where you really have to compromise if you're willing to participate: From the total of entries we get in the submission stage, you'll have to rate a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 100 songs. The commitment is that if you don't have 30 songs you like, then you'll have to give them a listen, or pick them at random (not advised lol), but we need those 30 songs. You'll send me a private message with the list of songs you're rating: To avoid the trouble of writing numbers, since I've noticed some people don't know this feature exists, you just have to click the Ordered List icon on the text editor, and it will start a list from 1 that automatically increases by 1 every time you click Enter. You DON'T have to give them a score, instead, your #1 song will receive 100 points, your #2, will receive 99, and so on, so it's not possible to have ties (at least in your voting). I'll do that calculation. If you submit 100 songs, your #100 will only get 1 point, but you don't necessarily have to do 100. Again, the minimum is 30 songs, so your 30th song will get 71 points, and so on depending of how many songs you choose to rate. You may add written reviews for the songs you want to. Changes on your voting are only allowed until November 30 (i.e. a new song comes out in November and you want to vote for it). #3 The results I'll stop receiving entries on November 30, and I'll start the calculations in December. My goal is to announce the results the last week of the year: December 27: #100 - #81 December 28: #80 - #61 December 29: #60 - #41 December 30: #40 - #21 December 31: #20 - #1 The future So what happens with the songs released in December? We may just include them in next year's poll, however I wanna try another experiment to make the process more organic. Introducing Exhale's Top 20: So the other experiment I want to try is a weekly or bi-weekly Top 20, but the goal is to make it weekly. Voting would be open from Monday to Saturday and the results would be announced on Sundays. I still don't have the rules defined for this, and I don't think I will until we start it and see how it unfolds. I also don't know when it'll start but it'll be sometime before the year ends, hopefully before December, and this will be independent of this year's Top 100. However, this will be the tool to decide the Top 100 of 2022, based on the songs that had the best performance in the Top throughout the year. Depending of how it results, we'll see if the entire Top 100 can be obtained from the overall results, or if there's too many ties, then we'll just pick the nominees to do a final year-end vote from them. This one will be more open. You don't have to vote every week if you don't want to, and the polls will be public (still deciding if you can vote for just one song or multiple, but multiple would be better). For the first week we'll have to gather everyone's suggestions and vote from them (these songs however have to be current, like the latest single of every artist). But once we have the first week's Top 20, we'll part from there. The idea is that each week we'll have two polls, one with the last week's Top 20, and another one with the songs fighting to make it to the list (which will be filled with new entries every week, or whenever there's new releases). The results will be calculated from the previous week's position (except the ones that haven't made it to the top), and the new voting (so for example if last week's #1 don't get any votes this week, it won't fall out of the top, but will just have a lower position). All of the songs, both the ones that make the top, and the ones that don't make the top after a while, will be retired, but the exact time is still to be defined. I still need to figure out a system that allows songs to stay in the top for a while, but at the same time allowing new songs to enter. I'll let you know when it's officially announced, or if you have any ideas, we'll decide the rules together. Submissions: Contributors so far: People that may be interested:
  5. Los Premios Billboard Latino 2021 ocurrieron hoy, la lista de ganadores: [Fuente]
  6. What albums are your favorite?
  7. "Get ready to feast your eyes upon the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in just a few weeks. Samsung has not only set an August date for its next Galaxy Unpacked event, it's confirmed that the focus will be on new foldable phones. In the case of the Galaxy Z Fold update, we're expecting it to feature S Pen support and a faster processor. Samsung could even drop the price on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from the lofty heights of its predecessors." "Other Galaxy Z Fold 3 leaks point to a more durable design that will resist both water and dust. We're also hearing that this could be the first Samsung phone with an under-display camera. This would result in a much more immersive viewing experience. " "Samsung says it's holding a Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. A little while after setting the date for that event, Samsung confirmed that new versions of its foldable phones will be the focus of the event. (As if the "Get Ready to Unfold" slogan on the even't invitation wasn't clue enough.)' "A report from SamMobile claims the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could see a launch price that's 20% less than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. That would be $200 off or as cheap as $1,599. However, this has been the only such report thus far." "The Galaxy Z Fold 2 debuted a hefty $1,999, making it Samsung's most expensive phone by far, even after a permanent price cut to $1,799." "A separate blog post out of South Korea claims that the the Z Fold 3 will cost between 1.9 million and 1.99 million won, which works out somewhere between $1,660 and $1,750. " Some talking points 1. what are your thoughts on a foldable pone? 2.Is the price worth the phone? 3. Does the phone look sleek or dated?
  8. Update: The comeback is announced with a new line-up: Kabah, Magneto, JNS, Benny Ibarra, Erik Rubín, Sentidos Opuestos, Lynda and Ana Torroja. They've announced three dates for the end of this year, with more dates to be announced for 2022. They don't ditch the idea of OV7 and other past members to join the tour in the future. Earlier: In a now removed post, the 90's Pop Tour has announced a press conference next week to talk about their comeback after the joint tour ended in 2019. The highly successful tour was made out of several acts from the Latin Pop scene of the 90's, such as OV7, JNS (previously known as Jeans), Fey, Kabah, Caló, The Sacados, among others. It started back in 2017 and it counted with a different line-up on each of its three phases. They toured mostly in Mexico, but they also had 13 concerts in the United States, and towards the end of the tour they visited some South American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They released 3 live CD/DVD's which were high in sales and received several certifications in Mexico. After the tour ended, some virtual concerts were held in 2020 with a different variety of members of the tour, but it wasn't until this year that a proper comeback was teased. It's still unclear if it's gonna be a proper tour visiting several cities, or just a one-time virtual concert, since the COVID-19 restrictions haven't been lifted in Mexico. It could also be planned for 2022. The line-up is yet to be announced.
  9. Update: Album is out Mexican singer Thalia has announced her seventeenth (or sixteenth, whether her 2002 and 2003 albums are considered the same or not) studio album titled desAMORfosis a play on words that references falling out of love and metamorphosis. It's set to be released on May 14. Update: she's teased the new song Mojito She's revealed the album cover, and a link to presave the album on different digital platforms. She's also announced a new upcoming website called "Universo desAMORfosis", where exclusive content will be shared. Earlier today she teased the announcement of the new album with a post, that seems to preview a new track. In previous days, she's also hinted at her three singles released last year to be part of this new album: Ya Tú Me Conoces, La Luz and Tick Tock. desAMORfosis follows up Valiente, released in 2018 and Viva Kids Vol. 2, her second album consistent of children's songs, released in 2020. She also covered a couple of Christian songs in the past few months, that don't seem to be tied to any upcoming project. Related:
  10. Update: the music video is here Thalia has announced she'll appear tomorrow at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about her latest single Mojito and her upcoming album desAMORfosis. She'll be dropping the music video for Mojito at 12AM EST after the interview. Mojito was released last week as the latest single off desAMORfosis, which is due on May 14. Related:
  11. Mexican singer Thalia debuted her latest single Mojito at the Latin Grammy's special celebration "Ellas y su Música" which commemorates the achievements of female musicians in the Latin scene. The show was hosted by Thalia herself and Luis Fonsi. Along with the debut performance of Mojito, the latest single off her upcoming album desAMORfosis, she also performed a medley of hits that included Piel Morena (1995), Amor a la Mexicana (1997), No Me Acuerdo (2018), ¿A Quién le Importa? (2002) and Arrasando (2000). Other performers of the night were Alejandra Guzmán, Anitta, Ana Bárbara, Yuri, Gloria Estefan and many more. Related:
  12. Mexican singer Thalia just dropped Mojito, the latest single off her upcoming album desAMORfosis, which is set to be released on May 14. The sensual track that alludes to the Cuban cocktail mixes various rhythms, from the strings typical of Latin genres, to the more urban beats of recent trends, using several analogies related to the beverage to describe the relationship with her love interest. The song was co-written by Thalia and Andrea Mangiamarchi, along with "Los Honeyboos" Daniel Rondón and Rafael Rodríguez, the latter of which also produced the track. Thalia has also teased through several posts what seems to be pictures on the set of the music video. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Mojito would be the opening track of desAMORfosis Related:
  13. According to Billboard, Fearless opened with 291,000 units becoming the biggest selling album in a week in 2021. The album is also the first of its kind to debut at #1 (i.e. a re-recorded album), and the most streamed country album in one week ever by a female artist. It is Taylor's ninth number 1 album, and her third in less than a year. All three albums (Folklore, Evermore, and Fearless) rank in the top five biggest selling albums of 2021. One word: Queen.
  14. Chilean artist Mon Laferte has released La Mujer in collaboration with Mexican diva Gloria Trevi, for her upcoming sixth studio album Seis. Mon Laferte wrote La Mujer about six years ago, though it was never officially released, and used to perform it live on her shows, until she decided not to anymore because she didn't like some of the lyrics, particularly the part that said "I am that woman of the overdose. I am that woman that you know so well". However, she decided to rework the track for the 2021 version, singing instead "I am that woman. I am your overdose. I am that woman that you know nothing about." Mon Laferte, 37, says she was inspired by Gloria when she was a little girl, and felt identified by her songs in the 90's, such as Con los Ojos Cerrados. She even used to impersonate Gloria at school events. In an interview for Billboard she says "it needed fresh air and I thought, I wanted to sing with another powerful woman and, well, the first one that came to mind was Gloria." Both songwriters reflect on the collaboration, noticing how it came to full circle when Gloria herself, who just turned 53 this year, also felt identified by Mon's song, confessing it describes her perfectly. Mon Laferte's album comes out tomorrow on digital platforms Related:
  15. Here are the nominees! "Fight for You" from Judas and the Black Messiah – Music by H.E.R. and Dernst Emile II; Lyric by H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas "Hear My Voice" from The Trial of the Chicago 7 – Music by Daniel Pemberton; Lyric by Daniel Pemberton and Celeste Waite "Husavik (My Hometown)" from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga – Music and Lyric by Savan Kotecha, Fat Max Gsus and Rickard Göransson "Io Sì (Seen)" from The Life Ahead – Music by Diane Warren; Lyric by Diane Warren and Laura Pausini "Speak Now" from One Night in Miami... – Music and Lyric by Leslie Odom Jr. and Sam Ashworth Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/93rd_Academy_Awards I legit never heard any of these songs like none
  16. Voilà! Shakira surprised her followers with a new pink hairdo. In another post she explained it was supposed to look more pink-ish, but she ran out of dye and ended up mixing it with another product. I don't know if the new color is permanent, but she looks great for whatever it lasts. It reminds me of her red-hair days but I guess her idea was supposed to look like in her Chantaje video She celebrated her 44th birthday on February 02
  17. i don;t know if this has been posted before; https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9t3o/gQa2gpkb2
  18. Before Taylor straddled the country and pop genres as the Americana Princess, there was Canadian Shania Twain who forged a path from Country to Soft-rock/Pop in the late 90's and early 2000's, spawning 3 DIAMOND ALBUMS. Since her break from music in 2005, Shania has met challenges in achieving the same impact on radio. In 2017, Shania released an album titled NOW, which was her first studio album in 15 years! Needless to say, times have changed and her formula changed. 'NOW' was not met with the same success as her albums from the late 90s and early 2000s. She worked with all new producers since she and her producer-husband split, this resulted in an album that was sonically different from her previous. Her goal on this album seemed to be to continue the genre-bending; instead of producing a separate mix for the pop version and the country version of songs, she attempted to blend genres. With the blending of genres and the production changes, as well as the maturing of Shania's voice, the result was something almost unfamiliar compared to her previous records. Compare "Who's Gonna Be Your Girl" to "Pour Me" - both are a blend of country music with modern dance-pop: So, now we wonder where Shania should go from here: Should she go back to making separate country and pop mixes for songs? Should she release a more stripped-down album and go back to her Country roots? Should she incorporate Hip-Hop and collaborate with a rapper like Billy Ray Cyrus did with "Old Town Road"? What can Shania do to get the public interested in her music again? In 2020, Shania released a few collaborations with younger Country/Pop artists: Also, she performed on television a few times: So now that we know Shania is gearing up for a comeback to music, are you excited? What do you think she should do differently this time to spark up interest in her music? Which genre and style would you like from her? Share your thoughts! <3 Source: Shania stated on ET last year that a new album could be expected by Spring 2021 - let's hope it isn't delayed!
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