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Should RCA/Sony Make a Statement? (READ)

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I know you guys find it annoying that people have been making why hasn’t ___ and ____ said something threads… but it jusr irks me. They have more power than most people in the business, and far more money than any entity like Lou or Jamie. Outside of the court industrial complex made out of the conservatorship model, Sony still can legally make a statement. The Spears cannot gag label heads. It’s not that I expect there to be much of a difference now, but I am annoyed that they genuinely did NOTHING following this

Perhaps before JIVE and RCA were unaware of the extent of and the depth of the damage and abuse that Britney has endured, but you would think that after the AUDIO of the court date leaked and confirmed everything, that they would have said something. she is a legacy artist and much of her success is built off what she did prior to the conservatorship. I’m glad former label people in Framing Britney spoke up but it’s not the same as someone with genuine power TODAY. Industry heads who can make serious contractual consequences for Jamie Spears and co.

I don’t expect, nor want the label to drop her or participate in some sort of “muting”, especially if Britney is listening to the deluxe edition of self titled 

 but I am irritated that no one has said anything. where are the actual ones in power within the industry? Shouldn’t RCA/ Sony say something or have they been compliant? Could they not have witnessed the abuse??




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Well, I agree as Britney is the best selling debut artist from 25 years so her catalog is very important to the company but maybe they are under some legal contract set up by team con, while JIVE did an excellent job with Britney and her marketing IMO, RCA on the other hand is lucky to have Britney under them! Over the years RCA have become very famous for not caring about their artists - Normani, Madisson Beer, SZA, Tinashe etc and how they are funding for their own projects hence these people are flopping one of the reasons why Miley left this label for good. 

Though your point is valid RCA should make a statement but why aren't they is something we will only know after Britney is free! Truth is not very far and I am very interested to see that when Britney is free and if decides to return to music what she'll do as she is under 1-2 more albums with them.  

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Honestly, does it matter if they do say something? :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:  From what video directors and backup dancers have said, they could themselves something was off (even the Womanizer director), so with that, you have to imagine the label could tell something was off too.   :umok_pursed_squint_well_okay: But judging by the Vegas contract that was leaked, chances are the contract they signed probably says the cship must stay in place or some bull.  They're probably hoping for a huge musical comeback (a la Circus) once this disaster is over. :britstare11_britney_ftr_for_the_record_annoyed_tired_irritated_sigh:**all allegedly, I have no knowledge**

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8 minutes ago, Hungry Hun said:

A contract was signed between RCA and Jamie Spears on behalf of Britney, because she legally cannot sign contracts or make deals. Ronsengart stated the obvious in the last court file, that through out the 13 years of this conservatorship Jamie have made deals without Britney's consent.

We got a glimpse with Planet Hollywood's contract which they demanded that Britney should stay in the conservatorship, and thats because Jamie is her legal guardian and if he was removed or the conservatorship would come to an end while she still had shows scheduled, the contract would be nullified and Britney could simply never come that stage again. 

Same thing goes with RCA's and every other contract. Britney didnt signed them, Jamie did. Once he is no longer her conservator, she can cut ties with every and each company without having to pay breach of contract fees. RCA will keep themselves out of the loop, because logically Britney is no longer under their roster. She's just there them till Jamie is removed and Rubin starts working on her behalf with Ronsengart. Hence there's some isiders already saying that "some people" are ready to offer record deals to Britney once that happens. 

Dont expect a thing from RCA, simple as that. 

We literally posted at the same time.  YESSSS to everything you said! :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky:

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4 hours ago, ChaosMoogle said:

Sony? SONY!

The handlers of literal slave contracts?

Remember what Michael, Mariah and Prince said?

We may love our PlayStations but Sony is the devil. If anything, they probably have parts. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

I hope one day they get their just desserts.

Mariah's situation was different, Tommy had a personal agenda to ruin her, cos she divorced him. 

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21 hours ago, Spicechinodiva said:

Mariah's situation was different, Tommy had a personal agenda to ruin her, cos she divorced him. 

Tommy is a power hungry control freak. He loves the control he can hold over people. All of the situations are the same. Tommy and Sony = EvIl AND dirty money

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