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Found 17 results

  1. I recently bought Midnight Fantasy and I'm absolutely loving it, it's so sweet! I def wanna buy more stuff from her, but they don't really have her stuff in stores near me, so I have to order them online which means blind buying. I trusted Midnight Fantasy cause it was the one I saw most people saying is really good and a safe blind buy, but the opinions on the rest are pretty mixed. I'm also thinking of ordering the original Fantasy but I've heard they reformulated it and now it's sour so I'm kinda torn on that. Anyways, back to my original question, what's your favorite and least favorite fragrance by Britney?
  2. On November 4, 2013, Britney Spears released Perfume, the second and last single off her eighth studio album Britney Jean. The song was co-written by Britney, Sia and Christopher Braide and produced by Braide, will.i.am and Keith Harris. Her first ballad to be released as a single in many years, talks about Britney's fears in her relationship, that her partner may have another woman, so she sprays her perfume on him to "mark her territory". In July 2013, Britney revealed through Twitter that she had written a song with Sia. In September, during the Desert Performance announcement of her Vegas residency in Good Morning America, she revealed that Perfume was one of her favorite songs of her then upcoming album: "I love the 'Perfume' song. It's really beautiful. I like that song a lot. It's a ballad." After the release of Work *****, it was announced in October that Perfume would be the second single, after RCA Record's CEO Peter Edge said about the song that "she sings it beautifully and it has a real sincerity to it. And it's outstanding - I think people are not only gonna be surprised but also see another side of Britney." Larry Rudolph, Britney's manager, also commented on the song "a breakup song that's about wanting the next girl to smell your perfume on the guy afterwards. The lyric[s] [are] really unique and she sings the **** out of it." Though it was scheduled to be released on November 5, the song was made available through her Facebook page on November 03, and it went on sale on November 04. Upon its release, Dr. Luke revealed he had produced a song for Britney Jean and when a fan asked him about Perfume, he revealed that there was another version of the song on the album, a bit rawer (which would later be revealed to be the Dreaming Mix). On November 19, a lyric video was uploaded to her Youtube channel. On November 21, Britney and will.i.am discussed the song with Ryan Seacrest at the iHeartRadio album preview: She also revealed the perfume she sprays is none of her several Fantasy spin-offs, but pikake The song didn't have a chart performance as good as its predecessor, peaking at #76 on the BBH100, while hitting #22 on the Mainstream Top 40. It went #1 on Ukraine though, and #6 in South Korea. A shortened version of Perfume was performed at her Britney: Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas from the beginning until the 2016 revamp, when it was replaced by the Missy Elliott Medley. A music video for the song was released in December 10, but we'll cry talk about it later.
  3. This was updated from Amazon 2 days ago. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Britney-Spears-Midnight-Fantasy-Parfum/dp/B000M8BE3C?th=1
  4. i use CDG Incense – Avignon Dior - Dune i like niche ones and always wanna discover more
  5. Elizabeth Arden is sharing their goodwill by popping out another fantasy and the first since Britney was freed but instead of freed they went with blissful which you could say is another word for it. The marketing department recycles another stunning Randee St. Nicholas POM outtake for promotion. The new fragrance from the franchise is now available
  6. This is my Believe Ad I produced from the 2007 fragrance. Its created in photoshop using 3 different images and collaged together. The bottle on the shoulder I think is artsy fartsy, I was originally going to place a little bird there but I thought it was cool this way. I love the original shoot, it’s now prophetic with the birds in cages but I wish there was more of this shoot although it’s speculated the 2 images are a stunt double and Britney’s face was photoshopped onto them but looking at the hq versions it’s definitely her but they’re very overprocessed just like mine I guess, at least I stayed true to the theme right? Pssss I want to buy believe now that she has her money.
  7. Hold tight girlies! Update from @Jordan Miller. I interviewed Mr. Kahn in 2015 and we talked about the original "Perfume" video. Here's how that went:
  8. On December 10, 2013, Britney Spears released the Perfume music video to promote the second and last single off her, fan-favorite, eighth studio album Britney Jean. It was directed by Joseph Kahn who had previously worked on the Stronger, Toxic and Womanizer videos, and it was filmed from November 19 to 21 in the California desert and Lancaster. The video portrays Britney and her lover, played by model Alexander Kjellevik, doing several activities like taking a trip at night, walking on the street while the guy flips his middle fingers to the world, drinking a beer on the roof of a motel, bathing in a pool and at some point Britney makes a ring out of a crooked nail and gives it to him as a symbol of love. In 2013, in an interview for ET, she spoke very briefly about handling the situation of kissing a guy in a music video, while having a boyfriend in real life: "[...] we had a discussion about that, you know, it's like, it's really weird 'cause in Hollywood it's so acceptable to just like go and do a movie and make out with somebody and 'cause you're just, you know, flattered to be in a movie and stuff, but I think, you know, some people who are very old-fashioned kind of don't believe in that manner, so um, we're kind of like torn on the whole situation". Later in the video, we see Britney wearing lingerie, in front of the mirror of the bathroom, putting on her Fantasy perfume, when a message from Cindy, played by Alandrea Martin, pops up on the screen of an iPhone. Afterwards, we see the guy and Cindy meeting at a gas station, while Britney is watching them from the distance inside a truck. The guy and his new partner, repeat the same activities we see him doing with Britney at the beginning of the video, while Britney drives away and is later seen crying inside the room of a motel. At the end we see the guy looking at the window, holding the ring Britney gave him. Throughout the video, we see intercalated aerial shots of Britney singing the song while wearing lingerie and her lover's shirt, lying in a mattress, with her man sleeping besides her. Several teasers were released previous to the premiere of the video. Britney shared on Facebook: "We've set a date! Perfume vid will premiere Tuesday on VEVO. Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one!" After being uploaded to her VEVO account in December 10, the video received positive reviews from critics, but not so much from the fans. The concept and storyline of the video seemed confusing and dull despite the very theatrical overall vibe of the clip. The amount of views it received was very overwhelming, paling in comparison to the massive hit its predecessor Work ***** was. To this day, seven years later, it's still yet to hit the 40M mark. However it did pretty well on the VH1 Top 20 in Latin America, occupying the top position for several weeks. The original concept On December 05, Joseph Kahn, the director of the video tweeted "Sigh I love my original edit no one will ever see. I'm gonna go cry in the arms of a Senegalese hooker". Two days later, he continued: "Internet calm down. I never said I didn't like the #Perfume video. I said I preferred my very different cut but their cut is fine. Jeez. Artists have the right to release their videos the way they want. I'm just a work for hire. It's their money & their career. No worries". Then on December 10 he added: "Wish they'd release the director's cut of #perfume. Britney's performance is unbelievable. A tur artist in it. Game changer. Official cut is a good video as you'll soon see. But it's a true loss not to see what she really did. It's incredible. Beyond other artists. Maybe if your voice is loud enough they'll release it. But other than that, I just needed to tell the truth. Something amazing is waiting". "The DC is a minute longer and there's a very shocking ending. But not what you think. I call it BREAKING BADNEY." In January 2014, Joseph was asked about it in an interview for Videostatic (who had also seen the original video): In July 2014, a person that claimed to be friends with someone working for a production company in Los Angeles leaked through a Facebook group what was supposed to be the original treatment of the video: Joseph Kahn confirmed these claims to be somewhat true, explaining some things were actually changed prior to the filming of the video He also clarified that things like Cindy's phone call were added after he was asked to change the storyline In 2015, in an interview for BreatheHeavy, he talked about Britney and the Perfume video: Tbh, the comments section of the video is mostly positive, it seems that just not a lot of people know about it, or those that do, didn't care to go back and re-watch it after they did it the first time. Footage of the original Make Me... video, which was also scrapped in 2016, ultimately leaked and to me that seemed even more impossible to happen compared to the original Perfume concept, so who knows if the Director's Cut will ever see the light.
  9. On September 15, 2005, Britney Spears released her second fragrance for Elizabeth Arden, Fantasy. It followed the successful of her previous perfume released in 2004, Curious, which sold more than $30M in its free three months on sale. Fantasy was created by Jim Krivda. Its notes are red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, cupcake accord, jasmine petals, white chocolate, orchid, musk, orris root and woods. The Fuchsia bottle once featured real Swarovski crystals embedded into the glass and the plastic collar until 2008. The believed reasoning behind the omission is because the glue of the crystal top would melt in higher temperatures. Over the years, 18 flankers of Fantasy have been released, plus some especial editions of the original fragrance. Midnight Fantasy (2006) - "Magic begins at midnight" Hidden Fantasy (2009) - "What do you have to hide?" Circus Fantasy (2009) - "Where nothing is what it seems" Fantasy Twist (2012) - "Choose your fantasy" Island Fantasy (2013) - "A new fragrance" Fantasy: Anniversary Edition (2013) - "10 Hugs & 10 Kisses, xoxo - Britney" Fantasy: The Nice Remix (2014) - "Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice." Fantasy: The Naughty Remix (2014) - "Everybody has one. Naughty or Nice." Fantasy: Stage Edition (2014) - "Everybody has One." Rocker Femme Fantasy (2014) - "Unlock your rock'n'roll side" Fantasy Renner Edition (2015) - "Everybody has one" Fantasy Intimate Edition (2015) - "Everybody has an intimate fantasy" Maui Fantasy (2016) - "Aloha from Hawaii" Fantasy in Bloom (2017) Sunset Fantasy (2018) - "Summer in a bottle" Rainbow Fantasy (2019) - "What color is your fantasy?" Glitter Fantasy (2020) - "Dare to shine" Festive Fantasy (2020) - "Life is a fantasy" Fantasy Intense (2021) - "The new intense fragrance" Fantasy Sheer (2021) Electric Fantasy (2021) - "Exhilarating. Illuminating. Sensual" In addition to all of those, a Fantasy Pride Edition was released in 2018 during her Piece of Me Tour in Europe And in 2020, a 15 anniversary edition was also released Some of the different Fantasy fragrances have appeared on her music videos over the years
  10. On September 14, 2004, Britney Spears launched what would be the first fragrance of her (still ongoing) perfume emporium, Curious. It's a women's fragrance for Elizabeth Arden, and Britney reportedly earned $52 million from the endorsement. Curious was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, it was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance. The fragrance is a white floral scent. Its notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods. The TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers. Actor Eric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial. On the Circus music video, we can see Britney putting on the Curious perfume. Two other flankers were released: Curious in Control in 2006 and Curious Heart in 2008 In 2005 she would release Fantasy, her most successful fragrance, but we'll save that for a separate post, since its anniversary is tomorrow.
  11. On September 24, 2007, Britney Spears released her fifth fragrance Believe. It steps away from her previous perfumes since its aroma isn't as feminine as they were. After fans noticed this upon its release, the perfume was rebranded as unisex. A controversy was created after it was revealed that the logo of the perfume was a near-copy of a t-shirt campaign by a Vancouver-based charity, called Mondonation. The vice president of the Elizabeth Arden company, allegedly contacted Mondonation to negotiate the solving of the issue.
  12. Using the radio ad + the HD ad from Europe Source: Lorenzo Dance - Britney-Online.net
  13. The original Make Me video was partially leaked back in 2016, within weeks of the release of the official video. so why hasn’t the original leaked yet? All we have is a picture of Britney holding a Also plz check out my fanmade video for Bad Idea by Ariana Grande
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