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Found 19 results

  1. The PCD want to perform in Vegas once the world gets back to normal. No word whether Nicole Scherzinger would join along (I imagine she would cause other wise... how?). Exhale, would you be down for this?! Scan via ATRL Related:
  2. Anyone have the studio version of When I grow up they use to perform. A version where they added extra effects after they say "Oh" and has the breakdance from the music video?
  3. In an interview for ET, Jessica Sutta and Robin Antin (the creator of PCD) confirmed their plans to release new music and resume the 2020 tour! On the TOUR: On the new ALBUM: On why they didn't release anything after React: On Melody and her choice not to join the reunion: On what fans can expect from the album: On new possible collaborations: On Jessica's upcoming baby, the tour and the fans: Finally, Robin finishes the interview with the following: In other words, the GIRLS ARE BACK and ARE STRONGER THAN EVER! Celebrate the news by streaming REACT: Exhale, are you ready for DOLL DOMINATION?
  4. Congratulations! Hope they're staying safe and healthy! As for the 2021 tour, Jessica says: “To all the people thinking the tour isn’t going to happen and spreading negativity on one of the most beautiful life events for me, that’s simply not true… “This show will go on once this global pandemic subsides and it’s safe to do so hopefully by this summer/fall. “I plan to come back 100% but if I can’t participate for some reason, the girls can go on without me until I can.” The Daily Mail says that the Pxxsycat Dolls 'are reportedly close to signing a new management deal:' 'It has now been claimed that the girl-band have peaked the interest of Madonna and Britney Spears' management company, Maverick, as well as being in discussing with other big firms. A source said: 'The pandemic has hampered plans for The *****cat Dolls but as far as they are concerned, they're all raring to get going as soon as it's safe to do so. 'This new team is great news for them and they've got a handful of songs which they are plotting to release when they can all safely get together again. 'With half of the group in the UK and half in the US, it is tricky, but they are determined to release some singles in 2021.' Meanwhile, don't forget the BOP that React is and check these rehearsal videos Why are they so good omg!?! Dolls, we need more from you this year!
  5. While it's a huge hit for PCD, the original Don't cha by Tori Alamaze, was actually picking up huge radio airplay before Interscope dropped her and gave the song to PCD.. It was weird when I heard the PCD version, I was like we already have a cover of a song from earlier this year. Even honest says, the pcd version isn't a cover but basically glorified karaoke version . Might be associated with PCD, but it was never theirs to begin with.
  6. Have y'all ever heard this? I'm boppin even harder to this one.
  7. I'm not sure what to say about this week-late music video for "Santa Baby" by the PCD (without Nicole Scherzinger). I will say it is a music video. Thots, Exhale?! Related:
  8. Which group do you think is more memorable, had more charisma, made better music, better MVs etc? VS
  9. The PCD's single run was impeccable, I'd love to know which single you think was their best
  10. Melody thornton low key basically calls Nicole a cash grab opportunist. It's no secret Nicole tried a solo çareer but had a successful one in the UK, including releasing albums under a deal with Sony music. All the club mix EPS are available to stream in the US. But her albums are region locked to the UK. She sounds positive, glad the girls are happy. But through her smile and positive comments she basically says the reunion is a cash grab, just for Nicole and Robin. I only wished they were smarter to realize through the fake smile is a villain in Nicole. They're going to fall in the same pattern when all the other stuff including under paid, her getting bigger money percentage. It's not a girl Group. It is what the haters of nicole. Nicole and her back up dancers aka glorified H03s
  11. While promoting her new EP, "Lioness Eyes", former Püssycat Doll member, Melody Thornton was bombarded with questions pertaining to her O.G. girl group. They asked if she was in talks about the reunion, or how she felt with the new music, but the biggest question pertained to one viral Meme. This is NOT the Fashion Rocks Meme where Melody steps over Nicole to do her ad libs, this one is when Melody only comes out at the end to do her adlibs at the American Music Awards for "Buttons". Many joked that Nicole locked her in a closet and she escaped just in time to share her parts, but Melody finally sets the record straight. Bookmarked is the portion of the interview that pertains to this moment, but watch the full clip; very insightful! Melody Thornton's new EP, " Lioness Eyes" is out now for download and streaming.
  12. Any word on the PCD reunion? "React" gave us 1 performance and they dipped. Does anyone have any updates?
  13. What did Britney do during this night? Did she perform with or as a *****cat Doll? Is there a video out there?
  14. Yes, there were some problems with it. It’s basically Nicole’s song and the actual song was released weirdly waaaay late after the promo performances. However, the women SERVED in the music video and the song is an absolute bop. It’s a modern version of a pop dance anthem from the late 2000s. Imagine 10 years going by and looking and performing better than ever. Thoughts?
  15. Melody Thornton didn't reunite with the PCD because she wanted to focus on her solo work. That didn't stop Thornton from singing a PCD classic anyway. Exh During a live stream on Instagram, Thornton started playing "Buttons," but she swapped out the lyrics to fit the Coronavirus. It was... a choice. Here's a taste of the lyrics. "I'm telling you to loosen up Corona babe, but y'all are coughing. Saying what it's gonna do to me. Now we're all locked in." She goes on for an entire 90 seconds How do we feel about this, Exhale?
  16. The Dolls performed an acoustic version of "React." You'd think the other Dolls would've been given more of a chance to shine, but Nicole dominates the performance. They're great background singers though
  17. PCD, a.k.a a savvy gay that has great TASTE, put together a playlist of bops for us to dance to in our homes while we're in isolation amidst the Coronavirus outbreak. It features Gaga, Beyonce, Demi, Taylor Swift, BLACKPINK, Dua Lipa, Kim Petras and more. What's your favorite song on the playlist? (The link is below, Exhale's forum software company is currently working on a solution to get Spotify to embed again, sorry bout that!). Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ton5WrUkIuU3DtqV5aw98?si=MTJRzOErSHqgt-nTKZ2qSA
  18. The Dolls seem way more friendly with each other now than in previous interviews. IDK if it's genuine or not, but I'm here for it. They once again slayed their performances. I know these happened days ago, but I thought I'd post these videos to see what are your REACTions.
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