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  1. He’s my Superman and we’re flying (flying) and when we touch down I’ll be riding (riding) makes me weak with those blue eyes, like kryptonite between my thighs.
  2. Don’t apologize- that kind of comment only perpetuates the stigma that HIV is a gay disease, so you hit the nail on the head 🤷🏼‍♀️ I have gay and straight people in my life who happen to be positive and it doesn’t only happen to “slutty” people. Also sl** shaming is so 10 years ago, let’s not do that! I’m happy to see that he has had a 7 year relationship that started when he was young, but that’s not everybody’s story 🤷🏼‍♀️ Just because you are the exception doesn’t mean that everyone else is trash 😂... This is fantastic news though! I’m very hopeful for the future of medicine ❤️ Wouldn’t it be kinda cool if something good actually came out of this pandemic? (This is not to downplay anything bad that has happened or the many lives lost, nothing can ever make that better or ok...) Please let these early trials turn out successful 🤞
  3. I did get to meet her! She’s really sweet 😁 I’ve actually seen her live more than once and she didn’t have vocal issues either time... so I’m really not sure what you’re referring to- hopefully that was a rare occasion because every time I hear her live vocals I’m slayed. I do hope that we get official versions of everything though. Re-recording her first albums was just the first step. ❤️ I have to say I also love how she has worked with Kim Petras, and I also loved her openers Keisha Renee and Malia Civetz, the latter has released some good stuff recently and the beat from her song broke boy was recently in a T-Mobile commercial. That’s just a side note tho lol sorry for the detour.
  4. No issues at all, her voice was impeccable! I don’t think she’ll ever totally leave these songs behind tbh- her fan base has rallied so hard for Jumping Trains. It’s always gonna hold a special place in her heart, and that’s how she’ll always be able to tell her real fans apart lol. The day ones. ❤️💋 I really believe we will get more, but that’s just wishful thinking for now.
  5. Can’t believe it’s been 11 years 😭 I’m glad this finally came out. ❤️💋 I got to meet her like 3 years ago at her leaks, covers, & mixtapes tour. It was so special. I love her so much. Such a talent.
  6. This was technically supposed to be a single, but there was all that mess with her record label... IYKYK A bop nonetheless.
  7. ... Oof. 😅😂🤣💀 dang, all these babies. Jordan and I are the same age- so at least he can relate to some of my experiences with Britney music 😂 I absolutely love her staying power and the fact that her reach extends generations. 👏 👏 👏 I’ve been coming to BH for years, when I was literally your age I could not imagine talking to elementary school students. Yet, here we are.
  8. First grade!? 😭💀 I was bopping to it in the club when I was 21... Dead.
  9. Xoxo 💋 ❤️ Auditions aren’t for months. They already did season 14 auditions (before season 13 even started!) but I’ll keep y’all in the know.
  10. Aww I tried searching for this topic all morning but the site was crashing or something lol. So I made another post. Oops 😅 anyway, I’m glad that you guys are talking about this here lol. I was literally screaming when Ru revealed all the songs were Britney. Too bad this happened before I make it on the show 😂 I do love how Kandy did a little bit of the WB choreo- that definitely earned her some points. I called the winner long ago tho, it just made sense, the other girls are All Stars girls, not taking anything away from our crowned queen because honestly she was the most deserving, but the other girls are definitely all stars. can’t wait for the premier of Drag Race Down under, we barely have a break from season 13, and then all stars before you know it. Yessss mama Ru, keep serving us all year.
  11. I love them both- it’s a tough decision. if it comes down to music alone Xtina wins- but Gaga’s aesthetic and pop culture impact makes her appear to be the bigger star at first glance... This is however better “POP” star- and that’s definitely Gaga- sadly Xtina can’t dance all that great and typically her energy levels are lower than Gaga’s... Gonna have to say Gaga for the win on this one.
  12. It was also featured in last nights Finale of Drag Race as one of the lip sync songs. I wonder if that will give it a bigger boost! ❤️
  13. She looks great 😊 Looking forward to her new albums, honestly “Liberation” could have been called “Redemption” It’s soooo good. ❤️
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