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  1. So come onn Give me something better to remember like hell am I gna give you anymore my personal life …….. still ill tell u what I want right now a one way flight back to louisana. Grab my boys and Jason and fly home ^ that’s it right?
  2. They kind of did it for her vegas show. i think it would be a fab idea, the 'spears' name will always now how the recent backlash attached to it (and rightly so) so when she's free it would be great to officially start off fresh if she ever wants to come back. Like its been said above she earned the one name status a while back.
  3. omg. why have i only just put that together
  4. Totally get what you mean. For example I listen to britneys tour versions over the originals the majority of the time, it just gives it that extra oomph. Then when you listen to the originals they're a bit meh (dont shoot me). Perfect example is the oops VMA remix, also work *****/womanizer in vegas, piece of me circus tour remix. The only one that doesn't do ANYTHING for me like this is the FFT version of toxic. It's awful. I think thats the only one of her songs that shouldn't be messed with too much on tour ie circus tour and vegas version. they're brill.
  5. Is the UK version of this any different? I see it a lot in stores.
  6. I think fab if true. But i don't think she should reference it as anything to do with glory (even tho it is) but maybe a bside album with 'rarities' even though they're not.
  7. rly dont believe this. the knee does NOT sing live. the handheld mic was there for show, thats it. headset for dancing, mic when the dancing slowed down. where did this rumour come from lol. And in the nicest of ways, she would NOT chose to sing live for the first time in years at the vmas. would have tried in vegas beforehand
  8. You all prob know this but just in case she uses this mic: https://www.akg.com/Microphones/Headset Microphones/CM311MiniXLR.html I've been trying to get one for years lol. I read somewhere that they stopped producing them a while back but i do see them pop up on ebay here and there (the majority are used but you get the odd new one, usually not in original packaging). I know they ONLY come from the US though. The majority of celebs who use this mic (still quite a lot) generally get them by reaching out to the company who make it and then get them specially made (at a cost ofc) ie Ariana.
  9. Ask Britney Online online about it! They are a prime example of being for the Britney community and not up their own arses lol. They haven’t let having unreleased media go to their heads and are extremely approachable - sometimes when I wonder about things I drop them a message on Instagram and they’re always happy to respond with what they can. Never in any other community have I had experience with traders as nice as Britney Online.
  10. It's really good - would love a version with audience though!
  11. Hey! Probably no use at all and I can't currently help fund - however, if you need an unpaid intern to assist in anyway (outside of my current 9-5 ofc) please drop me a message I'd happily help out :-)
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