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Found 20 results

  1. There are so many amazing girl groups out there, which five girl groups are your favourites?!
  2. Random thought, but did this ever leak? If not… how?
  3. So I wonder what ended up happening to the drama between Kaya Jones and PCD. She had accused them of being a *** trafficking ring & like years before CDAN had made that same claim. I thought it was funny that it did end up being completely true that the PCD did not actually sing (Just Nicole, lmao) Source But does anyone think the claims behind PCD being a front for crime being true? or do y'all think its all just BS?
  4. It seems like all the girls from PCD, except Nicole, want to go on tour. PCD was originally a burlesque dance group and they would invite celeb girls to do mini residencies as their lead singer. They could use that as an excuse to carry on without Nicole. I've said it before, but I think a reunion tour could work if they replace Nicole with Fergie. She came up around the same time as the Dolls, so the nostalgia is still there. She can sing and dance, they produced similar r&b/pop music and had a similar sėxiness to the Dolls. Fergie could incorporate some of her own solo songs. Jack Harlow's sampling of "Glamorous", gave Fergie a push with the GP. Yes Fergie is older, but she looks good and is the same age as Carmit. And she already has a friendship with Robin. I think a woman from that PCD era would work best, so like Gwen Stefani or Nelly Furtado, but they're not really dancers. Would any of you go see a Püssycat Dolls feat. Fergie concert? Or would you still go to a PCD concert but with a different lead singer? (The return of Melody?)
  5. I can’t believe they didn’t go on tour either…. Thanks a lot Nicole
  6. PCD’s Carmit Bachar sang & performed ‘React’ solo with backing dancers at Albany Pride 😻
  7. On April 19, 2004, Britney Spears organized a birthday party for her brother Bryan. It all started with a prank where a bunch of actors pretending to be FBI agents handcuffed Bryan, and pretended to be taking him into custody, while Britney feigned being shocked, but in reality they were taking him to his party at the L.A. club Space, where Carmen Electra and the *****cat Dolls performed a 20-minute show for him. Britney herself sang Happy Birthday acapella.
  8. Nicole posted a statement saying the tour was cancelled due to the pandemic, however their manager Robin says otherwise. Carmit and Jess said they found out the news from Nicole's instagram and not from her. Kimberly and Ashley have not commented. Robin has been hinting in instagram comments that the girls should reunite without Nicole and with Melody as the lead singer - thoughts? Nicole: Carmit & Jess: Robin:
  9. As weekend is approaching let’s have our girlie moment and appreciate this banger-bop-smasher-younameit! My favorite moment is definitely the outro where they tell us to Baíla Baíla! I always get up and shake my mantra and it got me like yas Queen yas! Also, it makes me think if that’s the real vocals of the other members. We love a toxic and messy girl group! What’s your favorite moment? Anyone staning this song and video?
  10. Update: Nicole's attorney fights back, telling People: Antin's claims "ludicrous and false," and alleged they "are a desperate attempt to divert blame for her own failures by trying to impose obligations on Nicole that simply do not exist." "Robin will fail in her efforts to trade on Nicole's hard-earned success to pull herself out of a deep financial hole she has created by her own poor business and professional decisions," King said. "Prior to Nicole's involvement, trading on Nicole's name without her consent, Robin borrowed (and spent) $600,000 from Live Nation that she won't or can't repay," King claimed. "Nicole has invested her own funds in excess of $150,000 in support of a potential PCD reunion that has now been made impossible by Robin's actions (including the public release of the group members' confidential financial information)." "Nicole loves and respects the PCD fans and hopes to one day be back on stage performing the group's amazing hits for them," King's statement concluded. "Sadly, this will not happen under these circumstances." --- Earlier: Nicole Scherzinger agreed to a reunion of The *****cat Dolls, the big girl group musical act of the early 2000s. Then, COVID-19 hit. Now, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, she’s threatening to walk away from the big tour unless she’s given a majority share and complete creative control in relaunching the group. The complaint comes from Robin Antin, who founded The *****cat Dolls and then brought this dance/singing troupe into the mainstream upon a tip from Jimmy Iovine. The suit will determine the group’s future as its target is Scherzinger, undoubtedly the biggest breakout from The *****cat Dolls and a prominent face on various music-themed competition shows. Antin, represented by notable attorney Richard Busch, alleges that near the end of 2019 that she and Scherzinger came to a deal for a reunion tour and new *****cat Dolls business venture. Scherzinger would get 49 percent, under a short-form agreement she’s characterizing as a Memorandum of Understanding. Scherzinger did promote the tour, it’s acknowledged in the complaint, but then the pandemic halted music touring worldwide. She “now refuses to participate in the tour,” states the complaint, adding she “demanded to renegotiate the terms of the MOU.” According to the complaint, Scherzinger now wants to be a 75 percent owner with final decision-making authority, and she’s refusing to participate in the reunion tour unless she gets what she wants. And now because tour dates can’t be confirmed, Live Nation is said to be demanding $600,000 that it put up. Because of COVID, tours are only slowly ramping up at this point, and this suit comes with a not extremely common claim of anticipatory breach of contract (along with other contract claims and one for fiduciary duty). Source: The Hollywood Reporter
  11. The way they said they tried to launch Nicole as a solo artist and it failed, so put a bunch of beautiful back up dancers and call it girl group. The way Cheryl says Nicole will never be seen as Christina, Beyonce or Britney spears when she was good. But Cheryl shades bands reunions says nobody asks for these reunions.. So that's why girls aloud will never reunite cheryl is personal against the idea.
  12. The video and the song will be released on March 8th. The team is brought together by the mobile game Bingo Blitz. The song is said to reinvent disco classic "D.I.S.C.O." by Ottawan. Nicole looks slamming!
  13. I just came across this remix of Sweet Melody and React - its fire an absolute bop even the visual goes together well!
  14. We all know the Püssycat Dolls planned to reunite for a European/ Australian (possibly American) Tour this year, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has been placed on hold and rescheduled for summer dates of 2021. For those of us that are excited for the reunion and tour, what would you like to see on the setlist? Typically they did 20 songs on their tour, so let's keep it at 20 songs. 1 When I Grow Up 2 Beep Feat. Will.I.Am 3 I Don't Need A Man 4 Painted Windows 5 Genetics Feat. Meghan Trainor 6 I Hate This Part 7 Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) 8 Buttons Feat. Snoop Dogg 9 Bottle Pop 10 Magic 11 Hot Stuff (I Want You Back) 12 Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go 13 Elevator 14 Whatcha Think About That Feat. Missy Elliot 15 Halo 16 Wait A Minute 17 Hush Hush 18 Stickwitu 19 React 20 Don't Cha
  15. While promoting her new EP, "Lioness Eyes", former Püssycat Doll member, Melody Thornton was bombarded with questions pertaining to her O.G. girl group. They asked if she was in talks about the reunion, or how she felt with the new music, but the biggest question pertained to one viral Meme. This is NOT the Fashion Rocks Meme where Melody steps over Nicole to do her ad libs, this one is when Melody only comes out at the end to do her adlibs at the American Music Awards for "Buttons". Many joked that Nicole locked her in a closet and she escaped just in time to share her parts, but Melody finally sets the record straight. Bookmarked is the portion of the interview that pertains to this moment, but watch the full clip; very insightful! Melody Thornton's new EP, " Lioness Eyes" is out now for download and streaming.
  16. While promoting her latest EP, "Lioness Eyes", former member of the *****cat Dolls, Melody Thornton, revealed in an interview her thoughts on that viral meme of hers with Nicole Scherzinger performing. I feel she handled it in a very diplomatic, professional way. I feel a bit bad for her though; almost half the interview were just questions pertaining to her old days in the *****cat and the reunion instead of her current solo work. Check the video below. Check out Melody's latest music video for her new single "I Will Wait" that just dropped!
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