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Found 7 results

  1. Who approved of this rendition is what I’d like to know What were your thoughts on this performance? Let me know in the comments!
  2. I really miss Fergie y'all!!!! She's a bad *** bitxh!!! 🔥🔥 Her first record 'The Dutchess' is literally a Pop masterpiece. I remember when 'London Bridge' came out I was so shook... I used to bump that song on my mom's stereo when my cousins would come over ... Songs like 'Glamorous,' 'Fergalicious,' 'London Bridge', and 'Big Girls' can't be replicated! She just has such a unique tone and style to her voice. I really miss her music. Also, 'Double Dutchess' was such a good album and she really put so much work into it. What artists do visual albums besides Beyonce? It was so much content I loved every song. I'm sad it wasn't as successful as she deserved! So what do YOU think, Exhale? Do YOU want a comeback from Fergie Ferg? I know I DO!!!! 😩😩😩 THOUGHTS....
  3. It seems like all the girls from PCD, except Nicole, want to go on tour. PCD was originally a burlesque dance group and they would invite celeb girls to do mini residencies as their lead singer. They could use that as an excuse to carry on without Nicole. I've said it before, but I think a reunion tour could work if they replace Nicole with Fergie. She came up around the same time as the Dolls, so the nostalgia is still there. She can sing and dance, they produced similar r&b/pop music and had a similar sėxiness to the Dolls. Fergie could incorporate some of her own solo songs. Jack Harlow's sampling of "Glamorous", gave Fergie a push with the GP. Yes Fergie is older, but she looks good and is the same age as Carmit. And she already has a friendship with Robin. I think a woman from that PCD era would work best, so like Gwen Stefani or Nelly Furtado, but they're not really dancers. Would any of you go see a Püssycat Dolls feat. Fergie concert? Or would you still go to a PCD concert but with a different lead singer? (The return of Melody?)
  4. My kinda ballad tbh Also sending her some love and positivity after her recent disturbing revelations
  5. Out-performing our faves since 2003, Why didn't she do this for the national anthem? So good tbh Honestly i'm speechless this was really spectacular WhooooaaaAAUUGH whooaAARRGHH
  6. Hey Exhale, I couldn't think of a better way to commemorate 4th of July today than giving Fergie's performance of the national anthem a spin. Iconic
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