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1 hour ago, Britney Baby said:

The Glory song i liked the most was Change Your Mind and Slumber Party

Honestly i think Make Me kinda killed the hype and momentum for a second single

Or maybe it was because of the bad music video

The lead should have been something more upbeat and poppier like Change Your Mind or Love Me Down

I don't think Make Me is that bad but it was a very underwhelming first single 



I agree.

I think Change Your Mind should’ve been a single especially since Latin music was starting to get popular around that time.

Make Me would’ve been better as a third or fourth single, not the first.

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Yep - Make Me was an AWFUL first single. Nobody wants a dreary sleepy Britney song. Give us a dance bop.

The video fiasco ruined it as well.

Love Me Down should have 100% been a single, as the Latin-pop trend was all the rage. 

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Absolutely. Change ur mind should have had a music video with a latino rapper feature... Bad bunny or j balvin for example. G easy on make me only made the song less important and should have never happened....Dont even get me startes on the muaic vidoe mess. If im dancig should have been the modern vogue, and liar would have been britneys clap back at cry me a river. All 3 singles had concepts that gp would have eated up. A BIG MISS.

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4 hours ago, MIKE_INT said:

Lead: Slumber Party feat. Drake  + high budget video (such as original Make Me)

Next singles:

Change Your Mind


Love Me Down


Oprah Winfrey Concert GIF by CBS


I really like these singles. 

Chance your mind feat Maluma would have been awesome.

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Do you wanna come over should have been lead single. Better and change your mind could have been bigger hit. Especially during summer.

But team c-ship/RCA only cared about Vegas. They just wanted to grab money fast. They treated her like nostalgia act only. I'm pretty sure they considering Britney as an insane person and not some one to invest.  They didn't give her enough budget to release more singles and shooting official videos for it. Zero promotion for album itself. No radio support. They never respect her creativity. Even miracle that she managed to release full album instead of EP.

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Tbh I don’t think any of the songs would have been strong first singles. The album as a whole isn’t bad, but not great. Definitely a step up from Britney Jean. Idk it felt rushed. The original album cover was a screen shot from the make me video. Not much thought put into it. Then the scrapped video. Slumber party video was amazing. Idk in 2024 I’m definitely not listening to the album today. I think fans force themselves to like this one after the mess that was Britney Jean

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2 hours ago, rebellion_is_the_way said:

It’s a boring album. Has no theme or leads. All fillers.

Exactly. There wasn't any song where I was jumping up and down like omg I gotta hear it again. Some songs I listened to more than others, but wasn't super into any of them.

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5 hours ago, UnusualCammie93 said:

1st: Do You Wanna Come Over (Without the annoying WATEVA U WANNNT)
2nd: Liar
3rd: Change Your Mind
4th: Just Luv Me
5th: Love Me Down

Yes, in DYWCO the background singers are awful! Get rid of them and their lines.

Also, what makes no sense is her singing nobody should be alone if they don't have to be. Like what?? Who is she singing to people in solitary confinement :wyd_wtf_meme_hand_umm_wth_what_the_hell:

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