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  1. I think it would cool if she did something like kylie minogue anti tour. Performing rare songs and demos songs that didn't get release that she loves. Plus intimate setting and reduced crowd could get more comfortable with fans who just love and respect what she brings
  2. 1. Break the ice ( it's britney ***** in the mix) 2. Circus/ Piece of me 3. Gimme More /I'm Slave For U 4. Lonely 5. Everytime 6. Me against music/ Stronger 7. New Song
  3. I thought it show been this way of singles. ( not counting when she released the album summer, winter etc. Just as singles order and choices) 1. Just Luv Me. 2. Make me 3. Do you wanna come over? 4. Love me down 5. Change your mind Bonus Singles: 6. Man on the moon 7. Liar
  4. I think it would be good for her. I always wanted her to do a little bit more acting since it would be a good way to let go and put in whatever feelings she has. Let it out in away that feel free or connected in away to you, acting can do that for you especially if you feel certain connections or similarities between a certain story or character. Also I think it would be good start for a comeback plan kinda like how I met you mother was the beginning of her returning to the lime light. Personally I think she should go after being a main star on a television series. I think it would be a lot easier for her. Considering how the industry is towards woman and age, not saying that she would be able to get could leading movie roles but I think her chances of a getting a good role with a good story line that will be able to show off her acting skills overtime would be a tv series. I would like to see her first start ( if she was going to return to acting) is a recurring role on a popular or well known TV series. Since she know shonda rimes like most of you have pointed out on here, she should definitely be on grey's anatomy. If it still around by time everything is settle in her life she should be a main/recurring character for a season. Since it usually a round 24 episodes a season she could do at least 19 episodes. Have her come in as a doctor or some type worker who has a character arc with a beginning middle and end that she learns more about her self and what she wants. Her character would be kinda chill yet sarcastic. Also her character would not die but would come in to some close call threw out the season, but would leave by choice with the option knowing she could come back to the hospital. Also I would like to see her do another recurring role on a television series wear she would be a villain. I always that when she did Jane the virgin she should have play a recurring character who was nothing but drama, charming, manipulating. Bonus: wouldn't mind her doing a limted series type of show with Ryan Murphy or bring her ahs like lady gaga in hotel where it certain around her character and being the draw for a season. So that would be her just starting back into it. As for the lead/main role in a tv series I would want it to be about a 13 to 15 episodes hour long pur season . Give her more time to think or do other things with her schedule. Shows example Younger Heart of Dixie The flight attendant Genres would have some type of dramedy or dark comedy to it.
  5. I would like to possibly see her experiment with these people in way. Dev Haynes: I think he would bring something great and unique for britney. ( Some song he did that I like Solange's losing you and Carly Rae Jaspen's all that.) Skylar Grey: I think she a great songwriter. Very good with expressing that darkness inside you feel in her music, I think britney has a lot of that build/hidden inside. Even thought she was apart of eminem team and still collabs with him. She mostly independent now. So hopefully whatever problems between brit and emi would stop the potential of them working together to make something good. I like ( I know you she did for the first fifty shades soundtrack and come up for air she did for her second album) Dallas Austin: Made a lotta good music tlc, pink ( He did madonna secrets which britney seems to love and Gwen Stefani's Cool) I would like another woman writer/ producer but can't pick which one right now. For her album I don't want a lottta writers and producers doing the album, I like the album where there weren't alotta people working on it. Just a small group of writers and producers to create a cohesive body of work. Plus I want britney to be the executive producer by herself for this album so she would keep in tight and build a bond and trust with the writers and producers so she can let go emotionally and artistically when creating. Also in talks of features, duets, or collabs. I want her mostly to have a her solo songs but if she is going to collab I don't wanna to much nor to less. It depends on how many songs there would be on the track listing. Like if she has 15 to 17 songs stranded for album possibly counting bonuses songs 3 to 5 feature is good. Who I like to see: 1. Christina Aguilera: It needs to happen. 2. Robbie Williams. He talks about collaborating a couple of time I would to see. 3. Janet Jackson. I would love to finally see them come together. 4. Maluma. She likes some Latin sounds in her music. I pick him cause he kinda the hottest and popular one in term of the males right. I know there ricky and enquire but in terms of still sweet new adult 20 and up crowd I think he's it. 5. Lady gaga or Rihanna. I don't who inbetween but I think fans and the general audience would love either if done good. Possible others: Cher Chance the rapper Kylie Minogue Nicki Minaj Nas Enquire Iglesias Have reason for these but don't feel like listing them now.
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