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SHE DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears’ memoir is just the start of her tell-all journey as conservatorship ordeal could become a docuseries

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BRITNEY Spears' conservatorship drama could be turned into a blockbuster docuseries if super-producer Ryan Murphy gets his way, a source has exclusive

Britney Spears with co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy and Heather Morris on the set of Glee

But producer Murphy, who masterminded a Britney-themed episode of Glee many back in 2010, featuring the singer herself, wants the pop star on board to tell her life story.

An industry insider revealed: "Ryan is openly fascinated by the Britney saga and of course, he is one of the few filmmakers in Hollywood, maybe the only one, really, with a professional relationship with Britney.

"He knows her, he knows her world and he knows why the story of her conservatorship resonated with so many people.

"He's the guy to do this but the question is timing.

The source added: "Ryan is unquestionably the person who can tell this story in a sensitive and exciting way, it seems like it's his destiny, but he's not going to push Britney into anything she isn't comfortable with. They just have too much history together.

"Ryan is the TV mogul she's closest to, and his door is open. He has not reached out directly at this point, but when Britney's memoir is out, he's thinking of exploring the option."

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Ryan Murphy's rep for comment but did not hear back.

Murphy has been named as the 'king of the streaming boon' after signing a reported $300million deal with Netflix.

His recent six-part docuseries, The Andy Warhol Diaries, was a huge success on the platform, along with the likes of A Secret Love and Circus Of Books.

Murphy might have to do some serious negotiating to get the singer on board, as she previously slammed "humiliating" documentaries about her in a scathing social media post.

"I am a person … I'm not a robot or a science experiment like they analyzed me in that place !!! I’m a valued soul … so for the documentaries that were done on me, they were trash and nothing more than trash … period !!!" she blasted on Twitter.

Murphy may also have competition from Fenton Bailey, who directed Britney in a documentary about her life, I Am Britney Jean, which was released back in 2013.

Britney's father Jamie was removed as conservator in September 2021 after he filed to step down from the position.

Judge Brenda Penny then ruled that her conservatorship be terminated without requiring any further mental evaluation - giving the 41-year-old hitmaker control of her life for the first time since 2008.


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I would rather see her story dramatised in an incredible movie one day only if and when it's Britney's choice and she wants it to happen.

If it was going to be done by Ryan Murphy, it has potential but he's also hit and miss. If it's a one season show it would probably be good but his shows tend to be great in their first season and then nosedive in quality in the following seasons.

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tbh I don't like the idea of dramatizing her story, I feel like no matter what it will end up like that mess Britney Ever After.

I don't know about other parts of the world, but in Latin America it's become very popular to do this kind of biopics in recent years and the thing is they always end up having to add / twist / cut / brush stuff to make it more appealing, or to fit the timing of each episode and it inevitably ends up having too much fiction in it.

If any, I'd be more interested in an interview kind of series, like not one of those 5 minutes interviews, but like a full documentary à la For the Record with Britney discussing the passages of the book and maybe even more stuff that wasn't included, testimonies from people that Britney approves, etc. BUT I know that Britney most likely wouldn't be interested in that.


I don't believe any of these rumors anyways, but if something like this were to happen in the future, I'd support whatever Britney decides to do in the way she prefers to present it (fingers crossed for an audiobook version of her memoir :p )

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Posted (edited)

If it’s apart of his American True Crime series I’d be legitimately interested. Idk about y’all but The People vs OJ, Versace, and Impeachment were all REALLY good and I think they remain respectful in the way the stories were told (just my opinion)

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I hope the docuseries is just her setting down on a lawn chair, beer in one hand, cigarette on the other and her just taking truck load dump of **** on team con and her whole entire lineage. :smokney_britney_smoke_cigarette_chaotic_2004_exhale_blow:

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Britney would never green-light a tv show/series or movie about her life from someone else’s point of view.  Evident in her response to the docs. How don’t people understand by this point that she absolutely HATES other people speaking for her??

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