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Tri Star / Lou Taylor are presumably paying Jamie Spears' legal fees to fight Britney

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At this point, tristar paying jamie is another action that definitly does not look good to any of them yet again here they are with their thought process lol.

I cannot wait for justice to win.

And as much as you guys want Britney to expose everything, I say let's leave it to Mr.Rosengart. we are in good hands.


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3 hours ago, Caleb Ellis said:

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Tea. RosenGOD invited fans/journalists to investigate who is paying Jamie’s legal fees…now he gives us the answer! He presumes Tri Star is paying for Jamie’s legal fees. 
very interesting. That’s why Sloppy took forever and a day to argue nonsense for Jamie. It was a delay tactic to get extra time for Tri Star.

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2 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Hmm I wonder why. Maybe he really did give all of Britney's money to her in return for security. :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney:

I think to keep him quiet and compliant as the sacrificial lamb. Jamie knows enough probably to warrant huge scrutiny into other people and organizations.

I think Robin and Jamie are "low level fruit" to get enough evidence to justify depositions, charges, etc. of others.

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If this is true, I am genuinely struggling to find any logical conclusion from because if you were innocent, surely you would be distancing yourself as much as possible from the situation, rather than paying additional council other than your own...


...however, this makes perfect sense when you consider that Tristars representatives were instructing Weingarten on what to argue.


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10 hours ago, easy said:

this document is because jamie submitted britney's private medical information into his petitions in an attempt to reveal them to the public/humiliate britney and rosengart is asking for the judge to make sure they stay sealed while threatening if they do leak they will know it came from jamie and will pursue further actions against him. 

what a disgusting, vile thing to do.

I guess he's trying to get back at her for telling the judge in her testimony last June that her dad was drunk when she called him on the phone

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