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  1. Even my 13 year old niece who knows who britney is... only cos I made her a fan
  2. She has the best lawyer and she knows it too. Anything she does now her lawyer is going to fight HARD for her rights back anyway.
  3. I never thought britney after 20 years of showing body would still get body shamed at 40 years old. why is it ok for all your other FAVS to do it but this woman can't? let her LIVE.
  4. Normally people move on after 13 years of friendship and not speaking to someone, this man seems unstable.
  5. no but I'm saying people will be wanting to offer her millions to get the first exclusive interview.
  6. We will get a tell all interview soon. wouldn't be surprised the moment britney is free a few days later she gets interviewed. Girl is going to want to make COIN back after what has been stolen from her and trust me she is going to get millions of dollars.
  7. Why an earth would she think about him or have feelings after 20 years? she has sam who is super hot and seems like a nice positive person. please..
  8. I think if britney could choose I can imagine she would want to just be a normal person who is not famous. I'm pretty sure after britney is free she will go low-key because I'm pretty sure she wants a chilled life after this mess. it's clear britney doesn't like fame and what comes along with it and we've known that since 2006. I feel like britney just wanted marriage, kids and to live a happy life, she's said before in "I am britney jean and for the record" that she wasn't made for this industry.
  9. Instagram doesn't even reply or respond to people so I doubt him sending documents would even be looked at.
  10. I'm starting to question if any of you can read?? she said those CLOSEST to her... how is sam lutfi, madonna "close" to her? and Felicia hasn't even been on the scene in years. it's about her family.
  11. Erm fair enough and no shade but Britney's testimony in court didn't seem like she was "fine"
  12. Her whole career she's known as "Britney Spears" for about 20 years. I personally prefer it. I don't think of the spears family when I think of her name. her changing it won't make a difference to the spears family or not as everyone knows they are related regardless as britney has been known as "Spears" let me repeat for 20 YEARS and shes now 40. She should be proud of herself and keep the name. plus even if she did change it everyone would still say "Britney Spears" as it's ICONIC and everyone knows her as it. Why is this even a discussion? it's delusional. Regardless, we aren't britney and to be quite frank she can do what she wants with her name and she's never said she's changing her surname in her testimony? it's her choice not anyone else's, you are just assuming like this whole fanbase likes to do.
  13. she shouldn't drop "spears" just because of what's happened. Britney Spears as a name is iconic than just Britney
  14. I doubt she has the password to the instagram, hence why Cass uploads it but i think she probably texts it to team and Cassie then they approve it, I'm confused at this stage.
  15. It's clearly a fan and whoever recorded this clip. I listened in live on the court site and there was no heavy breathing or sounding like someone Is crying, do people not have common sense?
  16. If you listened LIVE on the actual court site, there was no breathing it was crystal clear. this is a fan clearly recording it.
  17. Hmmm, well it looks like him but if they saying he was on audio then fair enough.
  18. stop giving this man sympathy thats what they want you to think, "awww poor jamie" girl the fact you are even questioning this disgusting man.
  19. After seeing this and the stunt they've pulled, we know exactly what they've done and the narrative they are trying to pull and I'm not surprised. britney enjoying Hawaii while jamie is in a trailer park. You see what there doing don't you? F/ucking disgusting rats.
  20. Not them making it seem like he doesn't have much money. we know how much as it's in the Court records
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