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Britney Star on Hollywood Blvd

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Her streaming numbers are good (constantly growing) and Gimme More and/ or Toxic go viral ever other week. People are anticipating new music from her, the interest is there! It just might not feel like it because it’s been awhile since her music was at the center of the conversation, but how could it currently be when she’s not performing? And next to all of these big life changes going on for her it would be hard to talk about anything else (media, public wise). 

I am a bit surprised though that her label hasn’t started promoting her amazing catalogue (playlisting, commercials, etc). The music is doing it all on its own, but some help could really get things going! 

They should re-release some of her old albums while we wait for new music. Blackout  15yr anniversary edition, BOMT 25yr edition, Femme Fatale 10yr edition *cough* addscreamandshout *cough* etc. 



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20 hours ago, GODNA IS A QUEEN said:

Imagine thinking Britney isn’t relevant when she’s practically beloved by everyone, especially in Hollywood and LA culture. Go party anywhere in LA or the surrounding areas and you are guaranteed to hear a Britney song — and I’m not talking about the gay clubs. BOMT, Oops, Crazy, Slave, Boom Boom (yes, this one shook me :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:), Toxic, Gimme More, BTI. I’ve heard all of these at nightclubs within the last year — from your Chicano clubs (where you’re likely to hear Raaw Alejandro and Grupo Firme) to the Hollywood elitist. Britney’s streaming numbers are also phenomenal especially for someone who hasn’t released music since 2016 and she usually ranks in the Top 5 amongst other female artists who debuted in the 90s decade. For 80s and 90s babies, she is our muse and her inspiration/presence can be felt in almost all the celebrities and social media influencers out there. Young Hollywood is still very much invested and interested her. Not to mention, during the #FreeBritney movement, you couldn’t walk anywhere in LA/Melrose/Hollywood without seeing a t-shirt, banner, sticker, poster, apparel, etc. You name it. Often times, I would be so shook and taken aback. Like this kind of relevance is unheard of. Even on the ****** freeway (110, 405, 101 — can’t remember which one), there was an LED Britney mural that stayed up there for quite some time. I even once saw people standing on the bridge dancing next to the sign. Mind you, this is a major highway. Again, unheard of. I don’t think any celebrity has ever had this kind of long-term widespread appeal, at least not in my lifetime. Maybe Rihanna and Beyoncé I guess.

Anyways, I personally haven’t been to her WOF star in at least six months but the last time I was there, I didn’t really see anyone standing there to take any pictures. Then again, it was later at night. I don’t think I’ve ever once bothered to stop and take a picture of it ever which is sad. :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black: Then again, I’m not a tourist since I basically live like half an hour away. Btw, I love how her star is in such a prime location. LA did her right and as I said, everyone literally loves her here. Like Marilyn and Judy were during their respective time, Britney is THE definitive Hollywood icon of the 2000s. Her influence can be seen all throughout Hollywood culture especially amongst the influencers crowd. Britney can disappear for all she wants but when all is said and done, she will have her name and pictures plastered all over the city just like other LA and Hollywood legends like Kobe Bryant, Nipsey Hussle and Marilyn Monroe.  What she has done for the culture is incomparable.

Ok this is awesome. Had no idea that LA had embraced her to this degree as one of its own. That perspective never really gets reported on to those of us in the outside world! Happy that her 2 decades there have made her such a local staple.

Thank you for the insight :clap1_britney_clapping_chaotic_night_yay_cheer_excited:.. but wait really? Boom boom..?  

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