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  1. This is so stupid and ridiculous! She’s a celeb! It’s part of the fame. People wouldn’t focus on it if she just spoke out but her whole life since 2007, she’s always been pretending it didn’t happen. That’s not how it works. The documentaries are trying to educate people and Felicia was in the other one. I highly doubt they are focusing on the negatives. This is just a video of her doing weird dancing. It’s amazing how much she has changed. She will soon ruin her legacy. It’s just so sad.
  2. I’m all honesty, I follow Britney, the entertainer. I was never a person who cared about the personal lives of celebrities however when she posted her workout videos, pictures on vacation or with her kids it was nice and fun to see. But I’m just so over the unlimited images she posts from google and her spinning over a million times on Instagram. I also can’t take the duplicate photos of her that are the same and yet she can never talk to us as her fans or supporters. If it’s her team, shame on them If it’s really Britney, well shame on her too!
  3. That’s just it. It comes with fame. So many celebs go through dark times and yet they communicate with their fans and acknowledge the support. Britney’s dark days continue to show from 2007 because she never puts them to bed so they will always be rehashed.
  4. You mean from the one comment her lawyer made?
  5. Since Domination, Britney hasn’t shown any care to her fans. All we are doing is trying to support her and somehow it’s making it worse. Maybe we should just leave her alone then. No one knows if she really needs help anyway. If she did, then wouldn’t we all know?
  6. We are all debating if it’s really Britney on Instagram, right? Should we just all unfollow her? What’s the point? I feel like we will never be close to Britney like we were
  7. Come on! Do you all believe Sam, her kids and friends don’t tell her? You must all think she lives under a rock.
  8. Well since everyone thinks Britney doesn’t run her account, maybe we should all remove her “team” then?
  9. Did anyone happen to see this video? It was released during the worst year of Britney's life, 2007. I guess a fan made it to show that Britney will find her smile again. I can't stop but watch it more than ever now. It really takes me back to 2007. I am so scared for Britney (even more so). I thought we were done seeing her suffer and now it's even worse than what it was. Now she has no voice. We don't even get to see her out and about anymore. We just don't even know if she's "okay." Will we ever hear from her again? Will she speak out? Will she find her smile again? "...to rebirth" If you haven't seen this video, I recoomend watching it. The music and quotes are just emotional.
  10. This is a nightmare. It’s far worst than 2007. The Britney we knew or thought we knew is long gone... I guess it’s time to let her live this new and exciting life and forget freebritney because apparently she doesn’t appreciate any of the support from the ladies who created the documentary and her fans
  11. “Can we STOP believing that we know everything?” You should be asking yourself that. We’ve been told multiple times by many people that it is Britney posting so the exaggeration of her not is ridiculous now
  12. Everyone is super sensitive by everything today. Britney is not doing well and you can see that by the posts and comments by what everyone is saying. If people weren’t doing well mentally and trying to get out of a conservatorship, they wouldn’t be posting things like this. There are days that I see this stuff and have tears in my eyes and worry about her but I’m not going to sugarcoat it because I’m a fan. If any other person or celebrity did what she was doing, someone would say the same thing about that persons wellbeing.
  13. So everyone here thinks that her kids, her mother and Sam are not showing her these edited posts or talking about it with her?
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