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"Britney: Rose Colored Glasses" (Reality Series) ???

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How amazing would it to see more of Britney's life on her own terms. I've thought about this for a while. Back 10 years ago she was very private but her kids are almost adults and she can freely express herself. We see how open she has been with us on Instagram. More than she has ever been. It is nice to see her be transparent with us. :)

Give us Chaotic 2.0 :verycool_britney_nod_glory_yes_yas_mhmm:


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I think if she did a 8 episode docuseries for Hulu or MTV it would be so cool! :carpoolney_dance_karaoke_glory_sunglasses_party_raise_roof:

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She has such a quirky personality I can imagine she is sillier and goodies in person with Sam, her family and stuff :emma:

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We don't need Kardashians 2.0 we want a Britney show! :howiroll_beyonce_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_white_shirt_hands:

Are u down? 

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8 minutes ago, Jaime Jean said:

I feel like Chaotic just wouldn’t work with anyone but K-Fed Britney was feeling her getto phase obviously Influenced by dating Kevin.GIF by RealityTVGIFs

I was being sarcastic, I don't think a reality series is a good idea at all and although I personally like her in Chaotic quite a lot, I don't think it was a good idea back then either in terms of PR. Even she regretted it.

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1 hour ago, rennen2.0 said:

No, we don't. 

I was absolutely thinking this andd then I thought about how she said she wouldn't do reality TV again, but I wonder if some of that had to do with her circumstances? Like, she knew people couldn't see how they were running (ruining) her life so reality TV was out of the question?

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42 minutes ago, DoubleJayTawndre said:

Just imagine how cool it would be to see more of her life on her terms of course. She has an amazing personality.  Yall stan Sessions with Ashley but automatically bash my idea? :madonna_weird_alien_cuckoo_nuts:

Nah I'm not bashing, but I think it makes no sense for her. Come on, you knew when you created the thread that people weren't gonna jump on it. Also that comparison makes no sense because Sessions with Ashley is a fun 2minute skit, she's not living with a whole camera crew following her around, which in my humble opinion is probably the last thing she needs right now... 

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE a docuseries that tells her story in her terms and shows what happened to her, etc, but I feel like what you're proposing would be too invasive into her life...and I don't feel good about that, not with her. I feel like that invasiveness has caused her so much harm over the years. That said, I would kill to see her more in her element and goofying around and all that, but I don't know... I feel there's a difference between an instagram clip that she uploads, and a whole reality show.  

Of course my opinion is based on my imagining she wouldn't feel good about it, but if I'm wrong I'm all for her doing whatever she likes!

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