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  1. It wouldn't make sense for them to use this audio if it's pro con. Just saying.
  2. They kinda did, in fact it's still being talked about 20 years later. I remember 911 and britney with the snake being everywhere, that's why its kind of hard to believe they only happened a few days apart lol
  3. Though she looked stunning, you could just tell she wasn't wanting to do this performance. She wasn't ready, imagine if they'd let her come back on her terms. . . We'd probably have another iconic performance like her first 3. Don't get me wrong, this performance iconic but not in a good way.
  4. Wayyy to take the spotlight from Britney. . .I love Aaliyah but it wouldn't have been as iconic had she done it. Let's be real, Britney burst on the scene. Aaliyah was popular but not to Britneys level, the snakes AND tigers weren't the only thing that made this performance so iconic. It shocked the world when she did this performance because it was unexpected, and extremely ***ual at the time. She was the most famous person in the world at the time. So, regardless . . .even if aaliyah did perform with snakes it wouldn't have been as controversial 🤷‍♂️
  5. There was literally beyonce, Janet jackson, aliyah, rihanna, Ciara etc. . . Let's be real, YOU only focused on the white ones. I've never once thought of pop stars as only white
  6. Oh god I'm old. I remember when I went to a Lana Del Rey concert back in 2019, I ran into a new group of people and we were all hanging out and taking shots and the subject of what our first concert was. I told them Britney was mine, then one of the girls looked at me and said, " I've been to a Britney concert, in my moms stomach". I just about fell lmao
  7. What a crappy list. The only one that might compare to toxic on that list is Single Ladies (I actually don't like the song either). Umbrella has aged horribly.
  8. The sun has always spit out rumors and fake stories. . .none of their articles are to be trusted as it's just pure crap 85% of the time. There's a list of these "news" sources that are on the verge of being pure satire.
  9. This tells me that she's going to have an epic comeback once she's free. The original make me video had that old spark that was missing forever. . . And her team scrapped it. They ruined the Britney brand, not her. God knows what all of her other videos post conservatorship were actually like beforehand. If they were in control from the beginning her entire career wouldn't have happened. It explains why there were only 2 videos from the last 2 albums. She wasn't allowed the creative input that gave her passion so she basically said "**** it" and gave up.
  10. "Online bullying much" . . . proceeds to press Demi Lovato on speaking up on a matter that has nothing to do with her. Get a hobby. . . really.
  11. I don't even know you. . . and this personality type is just annoying. Not everyone who's been associated with Britney has to speak out, there are bigger issues at hand. Go find something better to do with your time, this is kind of embarrassing for you. . .
  12. These people BARELY know each other. Why is it their job to "speak up"? It's not about them, it doesn't connect with them in any way shape or form. These "why hasn't Kylie Minogue/Taylor spoke" threads are just . . . dumb.
  13. I love Gaga, but this movie seems like it's trying too hard to be THAT film, more so than a good movie ( the it film that wins a million oscars and critical appraise).
  14. Honestly see why it wasn't used, it was def over hyped up. It's very generic and I can't see a rework being much better, but we shall see how it sounds should her version ever leak
  15. They were just reading the whole transcript outside of the court. That was said, Jamie and the whole family would party at Britneys beach house in Florida while she was locked in the facility. HOW f**cked is that?
  16. 100 percent agree. It's so trashy and embarrassing. It also probably embarrasses Britney too.
  17. Um .. . honestly this situation IS political and it IS even bigger than Britney. It may be her situation, but it's shining light on how certain unethical things are going down. Again, we WANT the publicity. . .even if it is just for clout or they just want to be on a "band wagon". . .it's STILL publicity and it STILL gets the word out. We need it. She is Madonna, she has a fan base, when she mentions it, it puts Britney's situation in the spotlight to her many fans. S T O P B * * * * I N G!!!!!!!
  18. Agreed, this is getting out of control. Even with attacking certain people IMO. I don't know if I believe it's her, part of me does but part of me doesn't. If it is her, it's not really helping her case. I will always love her though regardless.
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