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  1. I don't think that anyone is having problems with Britney taking pics like that... but many of us are having problem with it because we care for her and want her free and we are scared and afraid that this will be used against her no matter to the fact that others do worse stuff in this unfair world.
  2. Are you maybe a racist too because of ignorance of what black face means and mixing this to it? No. You are not. Just ignorant. And she is not either. STOP IT. Why is this topic not closed yet??
  3. I am deeply saddend by people of breatheheavy how much they want world to be racist. No. This is NOT a black face and the guy is NOT having an afro. He is NOT trying to be the other race and he looks pretty much the same when I went for the first time to solarium with those goggles and looked like some reversed racoon. I don't know much about her or her music but this just isn't it. Stop spreading division! This is just plain sad and I am disaapointed by toxicity of some members who are just plain ignorant.
  4. Do people here ever read previous answers?
  5. Ok, stop and think for a moment. How many % of people actually do this over the internet? And for those who do that what is wrong with sharing it on internet if they share their whole life? If it makes them happy- it's great! Heck, seeing footage of people doing it made me smile couple of times!! And Demi should be ASHAMED of forcing negativity into a detail of people's life.
  6. Nice. Do a bare minimum, add some powerful and trendy words like privileged white male and how you are aware of it and exit as a public hero once again.
  7. I really don't like Nicky Minaj's music or persona but please try to turn on critical thinking. You can not compare selling albums in age of internet to age of radio.
  8. I think that it really might be true that she wants to quit and spend some time living like a free person. That being said, I also believe that she would change her mind not too long after. So yes, probably true to quit but I firmly believe that if true it would not be the last of her we've seen.
  9. No. Every person with common sense will say that he is a bully who constantly has pass for some reason. Like one of those... He just stabed a person for no reason? Oh nooo, he a good boy just troubled childhood so sad. Srsly, why is no one calling him out? Just remember how much he pulled britney for no reason and how his young fans got the message as glorified bullying back in the time.
  10. For me he is and will stay the one who gained his popularity through hate and potentional bullying. Especially his fans (or stans) were literally bullying pretty much anyone who wa fan of the ones he decided to rip apart in his songs and that means ESPECIALLY Britney fans. I am surprised how he stayed "untouched" by cancel culture. Not that I am fan or approve cancel culture (actually the most toxic trend ever), just surprised. Also never understood how people always were finding explanations like he had bad childhood and that he hates this happy world that Britney and others presented blablabla. Anyway, back to topic... I couldn't care less for his new album.
  11. And on the other side if I was there I would be super glad that someone had some balls to speak out what many of us think. Again, do you REALLY believe it was the first and only time that they were warned? The thing is; many people who are part of the peoblem do not react on calm warnings. And how long are we in pandemic? Sorry, but they deserved it if they behaved carelessly if they didn't learn by now. Not to mention that Tom himself is behind this multi million project and he is the one who needs to justify every penny of this project and if something went wrong he would be responsible for it as it would cost even more money everytime they stop the shooting... especially now that movie industry suffers a lot and every approved project is a mirracle in this given time.
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