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The conservatorship situation will save Britney’s legacy(?)

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I felt like Britney’s legacy (as far as the GENERAL PUBLIC goes) was becoming more tarnished as her team threw it into the ground with mismanagement. That was bothering me.   

I feel like this whole thing will be her “saving Grace” for the last 10+ years or so. 

All of this is putting her on a whole different level. Name a more iconic career!! :werk_britney_bw_black_white_dance_sexy_flirt_my_prerogative:

What does everyone think on this topic?

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I aint worried about her career right now, I'm worried about her in general. She needs to get out of this.

I do believe they began tarnishing her career after the Femme Fatale era. They were always making her look disoriented and everything. 

Now after she's out of it, I don't think she's going to retire. She's not working right now for a reason. She is gaining a lot of support from the general public (shame on them for not having supported her all this time and not seeing what every other Britney fan did) now though especially after her testimony.

When she does return to her career it is going to be completely different. EVERYTHING will be on her terms and her terms alone. Once she is out of this conservatorship, she will probably take a break, get married, have another baby and that's great. Once she focuses on her career again she's going to do the things she wants. Probably even a new record label, which I'm fairly certain is what we all want. (I'm curious if her current contract will be voided as Britney, herself never agreed to it, her father and his team did). Probably won't be a tour for a long time but that's okay. 

Instead of worry about her career and everything let's just worry about her and her safety and continuing to be vocal about our support and help her fight get out of this prison she's been in and hope all these ***hol*s are caught and go to jail. 

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I don't give a **** anymore about her career or legacy, the only thing that I care about is her health and happiness, **** all the hypocrite media who ruined and made a lot of money of lies, her breakdown and sadness, **** the general public for neglecting her pain, they are a bit useful now but she shouldn't care (neither we) about her legacy or career anymore, we are ALL learning through this that most people will love you when you are rich and famous but they love even MORE when a famous person is miserable and sad, and not matter what, everybody knows who Britney Spears is and can name easily more than 10 songs so...**** it. :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:

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Ya know, I’ve seen a lot of these “I wonder if Britney will be remembered in a bad way” comments recently and just wanted to say that history usually chooses to remember the good things about people. I mean, MJ had all those accusations and Madonna had all her controversies but people today mainly see them as pop legends.

I think Britney’s legacy will be changing the music game when she came on the scene and having one of the kindest hearts despite the people around her 

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I couldnt care any less if she releases more music or not right now. But in a logical way, quoting Britney herself "this is all she´s ever known" so how in order to keep the lifestyle she has, I dont think she is completely retiring, she might take some time out but she will be back eventually.

I am very confused what her career would be like in the future since we know 80% of her professional decision were made under the interests of other people. The last professional reference we have of her being free is Blackout in 2007 which to me, was a great progression from her bubblegum sound, to the ***ual era during In the Zone, to the shameless Blackout and then Circus (which I love) but it was completely manufatured by others.


I know everyone expects her to come back bigger than ever but remember and I wish everyone keeps this in mind, DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING... we are the most dissapointed fanbase ever, we always expect her 200% and then when it doesnt happen we start complaining, even if she decides to remain in the music industry (which is the most likely) dont expect her to go on world tour to 200 cities, dancer her *** off like in her prime days and do massive promotion. This is 2021ney.  

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There does seem to be a lot of positive retrospection over her career and achievements amongst media and the “gp” right now. She’s always deserved this praise, of course, but no matter how little her career matters in this moment of her life, it’s still nice to finally see her get the accolades she’s owed. 

Her legacy as the Pop Princess and one of the biggest and most recognized mega-stars ever is cementedAnything else she chooses to do from this point on is a big bonus. 

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I think what someone above has said also, MJ and Madonna had a lot of tarnish from the media especially MJ but now both of them are remembered as pop legends by the GP especially younger generation. 

The kind of support Britney is getting right now - it's really touching, her legacy will be unbothered by this - history always shows the positive side and for Britney it will be the same. 

When she's free and decides to come back (which I think she will) it will on her own terms and whole world will support her she might not tour etc but she will not leave like this at least musically - Britney has cemented herself as a legend and even the haters now will not disagree. 

She has a lot of vengeance and fire inside her, she will be back and this time fully on her own terms. 

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