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  1. Anyone else having trouble listening to music from Circus to Glory now? Knowing everything (well not everything yet) that she went through, I have been avoiding those eras especially after current news and her testimonies. I see these eras in such a different light now. Anyone else having that problem?
  2. Dementia my ***! The fact she remembers a few lyrics from a non single from 20 years ago says a lot. THIS **** VIDEO ME SMILE SO MUCH!!!!
  3. I don't know what to think! I feel it might not be her and her team instead. If it is Britney then she has every right to be pi**ed and rant like that.
  4. Waiting for this to be called the Britney Bill or at least something to dedicated to her for blowing this ship up and putting it out there.
  5. Lmao! JLS is something else. She ain't got no clue what it's like to a broke ***. Nothing but a privileged lil brat who lived off her talented sister all her life. Surprised Netflix hasn't fired her yet. She's caught in some big scandal.
  6. I aint worried about her career right now, I'm worried about her in general. She needs to get out of this. I do believe they began tarnishing her career after the Femme Fatale era. They were always making her look disoriented and everything. Now after she's out of it, I don't think she's going to retire. She's not working right now for a reason. She is gaining a lot of support from the general public (shame on them for not having supported her all this time and not seeing what every other Britney fan did) now though especially after her testimony. When she does return to her career it is going to be completely different. EVERYTHING will be on her terms and her terms alone. Once she is out of this conservatorship, she will probably take a break, get married, have another baby and that's great. Once she focuses on her career again she's going to do the things she wants. Probably even a new record label, which I'm fairly certain is what we all want. (I'm curious if her current contract will be voided as Britney, herself never agreed to it, her father and his team did). Probably won't be a tour for a long time but that's okay. Instead of worry about her career and everything let's just worry about her and her safety and continuing to be vocal about our support and help her fight get out of this prison she's been in and hope all these ***hol*s are caught and go to jail.
  7. Maybe there are death threats but I don't see it being from the B Army! Probably Team Con sending Jodi threats as Jamie is blaming her for everything Britney said, wouldn't put it past them at all.
  8. I'm loving Cher' responses. She's definitely a queen in my eyes. Keep spilling the tea, Cher! As for all the other pop woman. They getting nothing but a middle finger from me. Miley knows what's up but won't speak up especially since Britney revealed everything in court. Demi worked with Britney and knows what went down but is silent. Xtina, Selena, Gaga, Taylor claim they are all so called feminists and more but none of em speaking up for her at all. All those woman just a bunch of fakes. As for Madonna at this point in time nobody really cares what she has to say anymore.
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