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Former back-up vocalist wants to help Britney

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Kelly Clinger, former back-up singer at the, what it seems to be, the Crazy 2K Tour, wants to help Britney.

In several tweets she claims she asked a lawyer if she could send a selfwritten letter so she can back up some claims Britney made and that Kelly witnessed:

She also said Jamie Spears wasn't happy with her:


She verified herself by posting a never seen before behind the scenes video of the Crazy 2K Tour:


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Kelly clinger is widely known for working in that era she is also known for working with Nsync her name does have a little credibility. I loved that she proved herself though lol 

Fun fact she ran the online shop buy buy buy merch with Justin timberlakes mom Lynn harless. They sold old merchandise but I think its closed now. They had quite a few Britney stuff.

You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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29 minutes ago, warioaddams said:

Wow this is huge. I hope many workers, choreographers, photographers, music producers come full front and speak about the restrains and also Britney's amazing capability to do her job and that she doesn't need this conservatorship. 

This will help her case.


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Please more people come out. U need to put pressure on the way it is been going on for decades. Whole industry of ppl:tour managers, rca ppl and so on-u all r benefetting on Britney Spears health. Rca is a part of the problem, ppl making contracts with Jamie not Britney r part of the problem. More pressure should be put on that judge. She should start doing her job not talking. FreeBritney. This needs to blow even further. The way it was with Weinstein. Ppl need to be investigated and go to jail. 

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