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No Father’s Day For Jamie

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Looks like none of his kids wish him a Father’s Day today, well at least online.



Jamie Lynn wish her hubby a Father’s Day but not her dad, she even made a joke that he’s the only man that lasted https://instagram.com/stories/jamielynnspears/2600664342563236167?utm_medium=copy_link

Lynne, Britney moms didn’t wish him one either 

Do we care? Did we expect this today? 

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JL confuses me so much. I truly can't tell whether she's trolling, whether she has a different perspective because she was much younger than Britney growing up and didn't see everything that went on, or whether she's truly Team Britney and the two of them are close but have the typical sibling disagreements that unfortunately for them are played out in front of the world. 

I will say though that if she truly has Britney's back, there's zero reason for her to publicly support Loucifer. To do that and then make some shady comment about Jamie makes her seem like a white trash moron who's no better than Jamie sucking off the Britney teet. For me, if I know someone is coming for one of my siblings, I'm privately AND publicly calling them out at the very least, not celebrating their fake accomplishments on Instagram while simultaneously commenting random mess on my sibling's posts.

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I'm sure Juno Lynn didn't wish him a happy father's day online just to avoid backlash.
Just a few days ago she sent this to Dina LaPolt (Lou's bestie) with his name on it
"Happy Birthday! We love and appreciate you. Love, 
JL, Maddie, Ivey, Jamie (her husband), and Mr. Spears"  

I said daddy's girl  :gunriah_mariah_carey: 

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She just knows it’ll rock the boat at this moment in time and that it’s probably just easier to not say anything at all. She’s a total snake in the grass. She’s in with Jamie and Lou. 

I can’t help but think of how much Britney built JL up and literally opened her to a career yet she still had the audacity to turn on her like this. It’s tragic

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