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My smudge art inspired by Britney + Let's make a male gay pop star together

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You guys, I have something so exciting to share :hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle:

So I started to do smudge art like few weeks ago so I'm still new at this. I have tons ideas as I'm very creative, I've always loved creating, and being inspired. 

Yesterday I came back to Britney's Dream Within a Dream Tour performance where there was water everywhere & she had this outfit with diamonds :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing: And this inspired me sm :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing: 

There will probably never be a male gay/bi pop star with beauty, charisma etc. on Britney's level so I had to create one :gloria_falling_stairs_trip::matches:

Ladies and b tches, this is him: 





Inspired by: 


As u can see he's wearing diamond jewelry everywhere, even in nipples and belly like Britney :matches: 

I made a version with jeans instead of underwear but in my opinion it didn't look good. 

This art gave me another idea.

What if Exhale users united and tried to ''create'' our own male gay/bi pop star inspired by real pop girls?

How cool is that :hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle::hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle::hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle: 

I love people being creative so I'm open for every idea. If some of u feel inspired, maybe you can come up with:

  • his name :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:
  • lyrics of his songs :forkit_britney_ice_cream_ellen_glory_eating_yum_spoon_food:
  • music sound :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes:
  • music videos :wendy_williams_bop_listen_music:
  • his performances :groovin_dance_clap_alien_monster_party_costume_Halloween_spooky_scary:
  • outfits (give me ideas for my next paintings :hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle:
  • his private life, lovers, pets etc. :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses:
  • his scandals :ohcrap_britney_crap_omg_glory_jimmy_kimmel_jkl_surprised_wow: 
  • other things I forgot to mention :ohreallylol_tiffany_pollard_miss_ms_new_york_ny_laugh_lol_haha_lmao_hehe_cackle:

Everyone, please give every idea you have no matter if someone came up with something like that before :donewithit_carpool_karaoke_britney_glory_hand_telling_talking_chatting_wave_waving:

I even have first idea. I'm sure a lot of u know Britney unreleased song about an*I  ''Over To You Now'' :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:, this song is very ***ual and hot and I think that'd for sure be his song :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses::gloria_falling_stairs_trip: This is so funny :gloria_falling_stairs_trip:

I'm waiting for your thoughts on my art & your ideas to make our pop boy even more real :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red: 


@Midnight @Jordan Miller What about featuring it? :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses:


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3 minutes ago, Look But Don't Touch said:

I love people being creative so I'm open for every idea. If some of u feel inspired, maybe you can come up with:

  • his name :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:- Jordan Miller :tiffdrink_miss_ms_ny_new_york_drinking_sips_sipping_tea_straw:
  • lyrics of his songs :forkit_britney_ice_cream_ellen_glory_eating_yum_spoon_food:- I'm...not good when it comes to lyrics so :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:
  • music sound :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes:- Pop, Dance, EDM :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:
  • outfits (give me ideas for my next paintings :hype_britney_glory_jkl_jimmy_kimmel_live_laugh_lol_haha_hype_excited_pumped_lmao_cackle:)- 

            I'm a Slave 4 U" at the VMAs Britney | It's Halloween, *****! Here's How to  Dress as Britney Spears This Year | POPSUGAR Celebrity Photo 9

  • his private life, lovers, pets etc. :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses:
  • his scandals :ohcrap_britney_crap_omg_glory_jimmy_kimmel_jkl_surprised_wow:- His entire career on exhale but hislatest was the Satisfying scandal so that one 
  • other things I forgot to mention :ohreallylol_tiffany_pollard_miss_ms_new_york_ny_laugh_lol_haha_lmao_hehe_cackle:

Done :demi_lipstick_flirt_red_pink_makeup:

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I think you're on to something here. This is so freaking cool :ahhh_britney_scream_glory_excited_yay_pumped:
He's stunning, and he reminds me of Britney and Ricky Martin in a way, something about his face features. :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green: I also think he would look stunning if he dyed his hair blonde for one of his eras, he has the looks to pull it off better than any other male pop star out there.

You chose a great costume to get inspo from. If you are open to some changes, I'd say he could use a bit more jewelry all over his body, and maybe change a bit the underwear so it wouldn't look too simple (still hot nevertheless).

He gives me a bit latin american vibes, so the name could be Spanish, or maybe just a cool English name with not too many syllables. Some come to mind: Lars, Leon, Ethan, Aaron, Apollo, Dante, Iván, Hugo, Marcus... :mhmsureny_hmm_thinking_ponder_unsure_what_Tiffany_pollard_ny_New_York_miss_ms_sure:
His music style should be Pop. But it'd be nice if he had some pipes for the sake of amplifying his possibilities. When I think of Britney, I can't help but think of s3xiness, but it's a subtle one, she doesn't try hard. So I'd want him to be confident, but not in a Lil Nas X way... :embarrassney_embarrassed_shame_guilt_hide_britney_karaoke_head_shake_no_smh: He would have to be clever and play his cards right so he doesn't become a gimmick with legs.

Some topics his music should cover... Definitely s3x, but not necessarily in a nasty perspective, some romantic lyrics would do! Also topics like friendship, struggles fitting in, maybe some timeless and classic ones from Literature like the shortness of life, enjoying life while it lasts, unrequited love... These would make him look a bit less intimidating, more approachable and relatable.

Scandals... Maybe leaking a nude accidentally on IG? :boredashell_pink_britney_hmm_blink_well_umm: My ideal pop star would be likable, not phony and annoying like Bieber, so his scandals would be pretty much harmless. If you're talking about performing scandals like Britney, then idk but I'll think about it.

His debut song should be a banger! But imma need some help here :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red:

ALSO it goes without saying that he would DANCE his *** off!!!!

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  • his name - Jordan Miller
  • lyrics of his songs - "take a line off my còck, and I'll make your body rock"
  • music sound -hip hop enfused pop
  • his performances - He recreated the Madonna, B and Xtina performance with Lil Nas and Shawn Mendes
  • outfits (give me ideas for my next paintings - The Slave 4 U music video outfit, and Toxic diamonds outfit
  • his private life, lovers, pets etc. - He is dating Colton Underwood and teaching him how to be gay.
  • his scandals - His ex bf leaked revenge p.orn photos while he was still in the closet. 
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