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Britney Jean Era Demo Snippet Surfaces Online


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A snippet of an (unconfirmed) producers' demo from the Britney Jean era has surfaced online, The snippet is quite low quality and nobody knows who produced it as of now. However it is most likely by Danja or Will.I.Am. Britney's vocals are not present as it is unknown if this demo was ever heard by Britney. It sounds quite different to the finished products of the Britney Jean era, if you can even call it an era.. 
The demo snippet can be heard on youtube here:

Do you think this is official? Who do you think produced this? Would you have wanted Britney to sing on this? 
In my opinion, I like it, but I'm not sure if i would have wanted Britney to sing on it, it reminds me of a demo from 2008 by Fernando Garibay, "Superluva", which was later released by singer Starshell with the same title, which is a song I love.
I'd love to know what y'all think of this.

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This would have been a Bawp. I’m so desperate for new B tunes, I’ll take literally anything.

As of today (2/18/20) its been 3 years and 94 days since Slumber Party was released as a single (November 16 2016). Officially the longest gap between Studio Album Singles, previously it was 3 years and 42 days between Outrageous (July 20 2004) and Gimme More (August 31 2007) but we had a few new songs between those. There’s been Nothing these days except for a cheap rando *** Toxic remix last week. :orangu: 
Nov 16 will be 4 years if we don’t get any new music this year.  :crying3:
My tiny gay heart can’t take it, take it, take no mooorrree!!!  :yasqueen:   :crying1:   :wontcry:

No disrespect to the Queen I know she’s going through a lot, but it hurts my heart as a loving fan. I’ll wait forever if needed, Britney For Life.  

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Well, considering that there are no vocals on this snippet or any credits listed, for all we know, this could be some random audio loop that someone made in their room with 15 minutes of spare time.

If this is a real Britney Jean outtake, though, it sounds like it was produced by will.i.am. It sounds pretty overproduced too (though I get that it's just a demo).

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