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What’s the difference between now and retirement

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She could basically not be in public eye for god knows how long, which is fine .... but we aren’t considering this a retirement cause it isn’t an official statement ... but I’m starting to think .... regardless if she stays or is out of the conservatorship she’s basically kinda done ? Am I overreacting . Like how long do fans hang around on forums daily when there isn’t any news about anything ... I guess nothing ties us down to the forums and what not but I’m just starting to think it’ll slowly get more and more boring ... in the end I hope britney gets what she wants !

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er………..well the difference is its only been a year lol. I don't get some people on here, she takes ONE year out and all of a sudden, she has quit music and retiring?? it doesn't mean that at all. P!nk has just announced shes taking a year out but no one is saying OMG That's it for her. so I don't understand why when Britney does it, it means shes retiring. I cant quite remember but didn't she sign a 3 album deal just before Glory was released??

im with ClaudiaDC, I definitely think new music in 2020


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The difference is that, even though we know that's totally not happening anytime soon, there is a "postponed" show that technically is supposed to come back eventually. There is a contract with the record label for at least 3 more albums, so they have to eventually come out as well.


But tbh, as long as her situation doesn't change (conservatorship), which could take years, realistically there isn't much we can expect from now on.

It's been only a year since her last show, but it's been 3 years since she released new music (and counting). We'll just have to wait and see like Xtina fans did for years lol



But I have always said, if she ever went to retire, they really don't have to make any announcement. They could just leave us hanging on (like we are right now :o ) waiting for something to happen, something that will never be. :yaknow: But right now I think it's just too soon.

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Given how so many legends basically going back on their word on retirement, why bother with the idea?

Britney is always going to be back look how everyone thought Blackout was gonna be her last album and every year people keep thinking she’s gonna retire because some **** out on the streets asked if Britney is in retirement. There are so many musicians obviously no one is gonna keep track of everything and young people will always be bias towards the new popstars because they are the Britney’s to their generation. 



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