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My local radio station just played Toxic

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I know that doesn't sound like much but it was such a surprise as they usually play new P!nk and JT but never Britney and for them to play classic Britney as well! The last time I heard Toxic on UK radio was Halloween about 4 or 5 years ago. It wasn't Radio 1 or anything like that (which is crap anyway), just my local radio station but I'm just so happy that she's not forgotten about. You know what I mean. She never gets played on radio here so it was nice. TV stations always play Baby but other than that, I don't really hear her songs unless I play them which is sad because she basically was the early noughties. I'll never understand how P!nk and JT still get radio play but Britney doesn't. It's always What About Us or Can't Stop The Feeling. I know Make Me wasn't huge but something would be nice as she's still a megastar. If they can play La Isla Bonita on the different radio stations, they can play Stronger or I dare to dream, Overprotected. Saying that, Beyonce rarely gets played and even then, it's usually only Single Ladies or Irreplaceable. I'm not worried about it but it's nice when everyone is forced to listen to some amazing Britney songs because while they might not respect her as an artist, they can't deny that songs like Toxic are perfection.

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16 hours ago, summer2summer said:

The 3 popular radio stations in Australia play toxic , oops , baby one more time and stronger on a regular basis. But especially toxic. I hear it weekly . Oh and everytime too. 

The thing about Britney is that her older music or hits gets rotated more than her new/current ones. 

I'm not surprised about that as the classics are better but UK radio always ignores her and I can't understand why.

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On 6/15/2019 at 8:19 PM, iAlwaysSingLive said:

a local station that plays a good mix of new and old plays both "Born to Make You Happy" and "I'm Not a Girl" A LOT.. I think I heard "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" recently too.. :)

A Polish radio station that me and my mum listen to in the car and house, Radio Złote Przeboje (translation: Radio Golden Hits) plays "Born To Make You Happy" often. I sometimes hear "...Baby One More Time" too, and recently, "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - The Stop Remix! too. :yay:

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3 hours ago, DontTellMeToShutMyEyes said:

I must be listening at the wrong time. Remember when you could request songs? Those were the days.

So wierd but its when i do a fish a chip run around 5ish i dont bother to put spotify on the car and just leave radio on haha, not a particular day though they always cut it short too. 

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I don’t listen to radio that much but whenever I do if they play Britney it’s always BOMT, OIDIA and Toxic. Although I heard S&M remix a couple months ago. Also S&S was always on the radio back in 2013. I wish they played some of her other hits as well 

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