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  1. As much as I would love her to release one final 10th album. I would totally make peace with her throwing in the towel, she has endured too much of torture and abuse because of this reckless industry and greedy family. Here on out I support anything that makes BRITNEY happy, and if that includes her posting insta videos of her twirling 50 times in a row with her nanas' hanging out for the rest of her life, then that's what I support 100%.
  2. Started yesterday at number 4 in South Africa and today she's number 1!! The South African press has been following the Free Britney movement for a while now. SA loves Britney.
  3. Dear Britney Jean, It still baffles me how someone I've never met or spoken to has inspired me so much. You have been a beacon of light for me in the darkest of times. Your charisma and music has taught me to not always be so serious in life, and to replace the bull**** with some fun and a dash of goofiness. You were my wonderful escape growing up through many traumatic experiences. So it pains me that you are going through all this craziness, I pray that you yourself have a type of escape right now, as well as for your ultimate freedom. I know you have mentioned previously that you felt alone, and that's really sad, but don't ever doubt the fact that you are not loved, because you are, by millions of people. Keep your bright light shining. Good luck and God bless queen. Sending you love from Africa (yes I speak for the entire continent).
  4. According to Brian Spears, in the last interview he gave, he stated that Britney made 60mil with baby one more time ALBUM SALES alone. That's excluding the mall tours for that Era. So what happened to the revenue from the rest of her career?? Plus Britney is one of the least flashiest A list celebrities around. So something not adding up.
  5. Making sure they stock up on enough PrEP before heading off to prison
  6. Hi guys. I literally caught the last few minutes of the doc. What were the new things that were revealed from this doc?
  7. Obviously you said this to get a reaction, because I truly believe No1 is this ignorant. Anyway wouldn't expect anything less from someone who names themselves Lou. Poor attempt of trying to be funny or seeking attention. Thank you, next.
  8. I'm a huge blink. But in all honesty the song is is missing something, and we know she's capable of going so so much harder on the choreo not sure y she held back, but I have to admit that is 1 fire *** video. Their budgets on set are freaken insane. Maybe the song will grow on me. I'm still going to watch the video a 100 times in a row till I find all the hidden msgs.
  9. I don't know. All I know is that she better go get them damn sugar bean nails done.
  10. I'm no fan of this little girl. But can we stop dragging and criticizing everything a CHILD who's probably not even 18 yet says and does. She's young, she's probably going to say dumb ish every now and again, she's still learning and navigating through life. What's more disturbing is grown folks tearing this young girl apart over some dumb comments. The media and a big part of the public did that to Britney when she was younger, let's start being nicer to the new generation of young girls in the industry .
  11. Yesss the queen is speaking in codes again. She's finally calling JT out for being fake and a big P-u$$¥.
  12. Britney perfumes are always front and center in all department stores here in South Africa. Her perfumes are unfortunately more popular than her music here in SA. But she still has a strong following here.
  13. This pic kinda makes me sad. From all the things they have robbed Britney off over the years just so she could be their cash cow, I'm sure this right here hurt her the most, the fact she couldn't be a full time mum to her two boys. Before even meeting Kevin all she dreamed about was being a young mum, and they ripped that away from her too. As much as her kids identify Britney as their mum, they were not raised by her (except on weekends), and that part must kill her the most. Hopefully she gets her happy ending she deserves.
  14. Oh snap. Britneys lost 600mil will probably fund any law suits any of these companies run into or the legal fees to fight it. Alledgedley
  15. I've remained silent on this topic because I always found myself being 'politically' incorrect compared to others opinions, but I feel the treatment we give JL is sometimes no better than who they are to their own family. I don't believe in bullying people based on their actions. I feel like she's getting the most heat compared to the people who actually put Britney in this situation. She's a young girl and yes I'm 100% certain she rode the gravy train at the expense of her sister's happiness and freedom but that doesn't mean we should attack her to the point of a breakdown. Trust me no1 loves Britney more than I do and deep down I don't think she would approve of her sister feeling or being treated this way. There I just committed exhale suicide, ya'll can start burying me one at a time or bring on the g@ng b@ng if ya'll have to.
  16. Thanks wise ***, I'm familiar with both softwares. You should familiarize yourself with what Google translate is before trying to act smart .
  17. Jaime Penny Thoreen Loucifer Ingham (Allegedly) - not sure if I used this word correctly
  18. I don't believe in an eye for an eye, as much as I don't like Jaime Lynn, I think stuff like this can be used as ammunition against Britney speaking her truth. This will definitely be used against her. Honestly Britney was heard loud and clear let's leave all the pettiness for once Britney is free. Fans should not be doing anything to jeopardize Britneys case right now.
  19. 100%. Trust and believe if someone asked me to sing on a Britney Spears album I would have 1000% done that $hit for free (even though I have 0% talent), she was paid to do a job and link up with a legend. Blame her handlers or team for supporting this decision. Myah did absolutely nothing wrong and she's always publicly supported Britney.
  20. Omg guys stoppp!!!! This is getting out of hand. Stop bullying celebs and ppl linked to Britney on the internet it does not help the free Britney movement in any way. Every time we are painted as crazy it takes away from Britney's story, just stop with the rude shenanigans, it's embarrassing or just direct it to Lou or Jaime.
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