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  1. It was number 1 on iTunes for like 12 weeks! Where you been? 😂
  2. Oh my God, 19 out of 20 👏 👏 👏 the only one that's wrong is number 4. Nobody seems to have that one yet. I'll give you a clue. If the "=" in 10 is "some"...
  3. Work Puppy was absolutely correct! I could only think of using a dog for "*****" haha
  4. If you can be bothered, guess the Britney song titles using the emojis. Not all are singles 🐍 1) 📺 ⬇ 2) 📡 3) 🍀 4) = 📆 5) ⛽ 6) 👩 👀 🏥 7) 👶 🕐 🦀 ⏳ 8) 👀 💘 🎸 🙄 9) 🎪 10) = ⏳⏳ 11) 💪🏥 12) 👀 🚫 👧 🚫 👩 13) 💅💄 👧 👧 14) 🛌 🎊 15) 👨 🔛 🌙 16) 🍁 👍👋 17) 👦👦 18) 🕒 19) 👷🏻 🐩 20) 🦌 📖
  5. I agree with you. It sounds harsh but in her current state, I don't know how she would be if she didn't have the kids. It's like she'd be living without living. I'm glad she has them to give her hope. I wonder what she would want to do if the cship actually came to an end? It's true, she does take a lot of vacations so would she go away for a bit and then take control of her music the way she wants to? It's fun/depressing to imagine.
  6. There's a lot of interesting responses here. I'm surprised a lot of you think that if she didn't have the boys and she were still under the cship, she'd still want to make music but I like the reasons you've given. The fact that she can be a very creative person who does like to take control of her art is something we need to see more of. I've always said I'm not a huge fan of Blackout but everyone loves it and In The Zone and that's because she was so involved with them. She seemed more involved with Glory but imagine if she just did what she wanted, not needing anyone's permission. She seems like an intelligent woman and mixed with her goofy and bubbly personality, she is one of the best popstars we have around. I wish she had a bit more confidence in herself and I wish she'd open up more if only to let her side of things be known. I wonder if it could be the medication which makes her this way? She obviously takes whatever it is for a reason but is this something she will need for the rest of her life? Even if she gets out of the cship, when will she really be 'free'?
  7. My dad, cousin and her neighbour aren't particularly Britney fans but they all like Everytime. I find it so strange because to me, Toxic is her signature song, the one everyone should like, even as a guilty pleasure. I love Everytime and it did get to number 1 here in the UK but I just find it funny that of all her hits, it seems to be this one which non-Britney fans, I want to say respect. Is it because it's more mature lyrically? Could it be the video? Or is it simply the melody? Either way, I'm happy that even people who don't like her like at least one of her songs. I hope some day she'll get that back with new material, something for everyone.
  8. If Britney didn't have kids and wasn't bothered about earning to provide for her family, do you think she'd just quit music altogether and try to enjoy her life? Even if she were still under the conservatorship, could you see her just deciding she didn't care about the recording contracts or her commitments and finally living her life the way she wants to? I don't know a lot about how the cship works but they can't force her to work, can they? I guess that's what they do now but with the kids, she accepts it. She seemed happy with Glory but they never let her talk about anything in depth. I hope some day she'll want to talk about how she is really feeling. I know it's not our business but the constant lies from her team/family are doing no favours for her reputation. A lot of people like Britney and they respect the truth. It's strange if she thinks people would believe her dad over her.
  9. The fact you said you like the singles is enough for me
  10. Hey now, don't come for BNG Looks like we're opposites too because BUWYG is one of my favourite Ari songs. I like 7 rings but even that's meh. Bad Idea is good but the others made no lasting impression on me (title track aside). Sweetener was the same; loved the singles, wasn't fussed about the rest of the album. I honestly love My Everything and it's actually the album tracks I prefer. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart is simply amazing. One of my favourite albums is Kacey's Golden Hour. I loved that album from the first time I heard it. I guess, despite it being rare, I am capable of feeling things
  11. I'm clumsy but I don't worry about scratching them. I worry about dropping them but I don't need to keep them in pristine condition. Half the time, the songs skip from the moment they arrive so if I overdo it with a record, I'll just go back to the cd. They are expensive though like you said and it doesn't help when they're limited edition and people stock up and flog them for stupid amounts. I've said it before but a lot of artists don't have a perfect album. Critics can rave about something but it doesn't make it good. The same goes for chart music. Thank U Next is a pretty boring album but her fans praise everything she does. I love Ariana but compared to My Everything, TUN is weak. I don't know if I'm just hard to please or I enjoy disagreeing with popular opinion but when people rave on about overrated songs/albums, it drives me nuts. I'm happy everyone is different and enjoys different things but it's like "stop going on about it". It'd be nice if the gp did it with Britney but it's always people I don't care about like Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce etc. Same with radio. They rarely play Britney and it's like, be fair, play something for everyone, not just P!nk's new songs or whatever Ed has out at the moment. Rant over. I just realised your name btw. Classic song. Underrated ballad.
  12. I gave it a chance but some of the songs were never ending. I was just waiting for it to be over at that point. I tried "listening" to the lyrics but the songs just weren't enough to hold my attention. You're never gonna win everyone over. It seems like we're polar opposites in terms of music. I'm guessing since I love Britney, you probably hate it. I'm dying to know now.
  13. I love vinyl. I don't buy them for the sound. I just like collecting and listening to it if that makes sense. Some vinyls sound atrocious like the 7" singles Ariana did. It's also a case of how good the record player is but again, I just like vinyls because they're fun. I don't mean to sound so negative about Madonna, it's just I can't see the appeal others can. Frozen is amazing and I'm really liking ROL at the moment but some of the other tracks were too hard for me to get into properly. Don't get me wrong, I could listen to them but they're not as "wow" as people say. I feel if a less successful artist made the album, people wouldn't care but because it's her, it's suddenly a work of art. Same with Confessions. I like Hung Up, love Sorry and like Jump so I gave the album a go and I was like "meh". Not terrible at all but not worth being called her best album. Saying that, I don't know what it. I liked Rebel Heart (unpopular opinion) but I think as an album, Madame X is her best from what I've listened to of her albums. Again, sorry if I'm coming across as rude. I'm happy it makes others feel certain things when they listen to it. I guess Frozen is the one song from that album that does evoke some emotion from me. The comment about Chillin With You - yes! Nobody said it was a Grammy Winner but it's a nice and memorable song. Perhaps because it's so cheesy but still, it works.
  14. BMS would be a devastating loss. NTIFY is ok. I can't even remember HOT. Just looked it up and I'm not gutted about that one either. It's dull I know, but I could skip 60% of BJ on vinyl but it'd be worth it to have Work, Perfume, Till It's Gone (the best song from that album, I don't even care if it's not Britneyl and Chillin' With U (I'm not even being sarcastic). Most vinyls/albums don't have a lot of good songs. There's always gonna be fillers. Take Madonna's Ray Of Light. People LOVE the album. I listened to it for the first time yesterday (I've never been a huge Madonna fan but I do like her singles and I like Erotica/Madame X) and I don't get the appeal of it. Frozen and ROL are great (which I already knew) but the rest of the album was just meh. Not awful but not as praise-worthy or life-changing/spiritual as people make it out to be.
  15. Honestly, I love Britney but I'm not about her personal life. I'm the same with all celebrities. Every time someone's like "she's been feuding with this girl", I'm like "what"? Ariana fans do it on Twitter. They mention so many names and I'm just lost. All I know is, we hate Lou. Not sure why, but we do
  16. I can see BJ being pressed on black vinyl in like 20 years but it would forever bother me knowing UO gave us 4 of 9 of her albums on colour vinyl (6 if BO and Circus happen) and that's it. I'm coming off as being interested only in the colour. It's 50/50. I want the albums on vinyl but I also want a full UO collection of 9 coloured vinyls. If that never happens, so be it. At least they've given us classic Britney. Does anyone know why they might not do FF/BJ? I can understand Glory since it's already on vinyl and BJ isn't a huge seller but surely FF would sell well? Is it to do with rights?
  17. I'm guessing you skipped BJ on purpose? Honestly, I don't love FF or BJ but it'd be nice to hear the singles on vinyl at the very least plus the colours would be nice. Not sure why they want people to give money but it's nice of you to do that and to sign so I'm wishing you a good day Like the person who made it, I'm a bit OCD about her albums on vinyl. If FF/BJ never happen fair enough. I'm still overjoyed they gave us ITZ. I just wish I could get the rest of Breathe Heavy to sign up for all our sakes. We deserve the same stuff other fanbases get!
  18. It's obviously her worst selling album but then they could just do say 2000 copies instead of 5000. I love Lana but it's annoying how she gets 3 coloured vinyls for NFR and BJ has 0. She's still a mega artist so it should happen even if quantities are more limited.
  19. Don't get me wrong, I'd like MP on vinyl and a 2 disc like you said would be better but I'd prefer them to finish the albums before they did the greatest hits. But I suppose for those who missed out on any of the first 4 albums, MP is needed first.
  20. I don't get the hype for MP. It'd be nice to have MP and DS on vinyl but all the other songs are already on vinyl. Granted, a non limited release would ensure everyone could own all the hits on vinyl but it'd still be nice to own every album on vinyl if only to complete the collection.
  21. 7 signature...Do you guys not want the vinyls?! Damn this fanbase Not you @MissSpearsSaysSo - you're cool
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