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Throwback to Britney singing DLMBTLTK and Happy Birthday in Venezuelan interview


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I can imagine how frustrating it is to sit there not understanding anything the interviewer is saying and then waiting for her to translate while she cuts you off to translate what you just said.


Those japanese interviews are really shady. They’re laughing and joking the whole time and then don’t tell them what they just said. 

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She is so underrated. The voice control!!! Its just about her confidence. She has such a beautiful tone and switches lovely between her chest and head voice... but she is too humble. Even back at her peak you can tell that she didnt believe in her singing craft... but she had it right from the start!!! 

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9 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

I stumbled upon this, and I think I had never seen it before.


This guy has some other cool videos of her, some of them I've seen them already but not others, you should take a look, if you're interested in Britney Spears you know :P

She still does that going up to the falsett in HB thing:wigsnatched:

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Can you imagine having to do dozens of interviews where you have to answer the same questions from obnoxious people over and over again, including  "what you're looking for in a man?"

Poor girl, I bet that was the most difficult part of the job lol

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