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Will this song ever age


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22 minutes ago, Cigarettes&Cologne said:

I'd say Slave 4 U has not aged at all

I think it sounds very outdated though :idkney: I mean, I love it, but I was listening to it the other day, and the beat just sounds so plain and simple, like empty I don't know how to describe it. If you're not watching the video or a performance, I just can't imagine it being played at a club or just to dance to it, like, I don't know. 

It could easily get a revamp, like throw in some more sounds in the background and it could feel fresh and current, but the original track sounds old already. It's like Do Somethin', the original track sounds old af, but the POM live rendition brings it to this decade.

Now, Breathe on Me for example, is a song that just as it is could go to the radio right now and would feel new. 

And yeah, Toxic also is timeless :tiffhair: but I think Work ***** will snatch that title in a few years. It was released 5 years ago and it literally sounds like it came out yesterday. :beynah: 

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Hard to pick one

Toxic definitely, it's just so original and sounds like nothing else and is always current

BOMT too, yes it has 90s sound ofc but it's like a definition of teen bubblegum pop, and it's very stereotypical, so ages really well too. 


I would add Gimme More to that list also. And unpopular opinion but Boys album version too. Idk, it always sounds fresh to me. 

Then BOM and TOMH maybe. 

And Everytime ofc:) simple piano and harp sounds with soft gentle voice don't ever age. 

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42 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

yeah if you got a shitty rapper to do a rap instead of the dance break part it could sound very current. :mhm:

thank god it came out in 2001 when people appreciated dancing and visuals more.


Hopefully this shitty rap drakish phase will not last for long. I think Slave has gone from current to outdated to current again through the years. Toxic has been more consistent

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2 minutes ago, Lil Jay said:


I would add Gimme More to that list also. And unpopular opinion but Boys album version too. Idk, it always sounds fresh to me. 

i think everything off of Blackout is a given. that whole album (except maybe Radar because of its tarnished reputation sadly) still sounds fresh.

and yes i agree about Boys, same with me for Slave. the neptunes productions sounds sooo fresh to me still

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14 minutes ago, I Always Sing Live said:

yes, I find it boring.. :mj:

Ok I was in that phase too but for veery short time, then I've came to the light of Godney and couldn't enjoy it more everytime listening to it. 

(I would now post a big gif of Britney saying Go to light and see Jesus, but idk how to do it:yeaok:


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