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Who’s to blame?  

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1 minute ago, BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial said:

Everything tbh :tbh: 

Britney’s laziness up until now, her team not being creative enough, her record label  for not promoting properly, scraping stuff (MM Original Vid :tear: ) pushing and delaying stuff and the continuous of having two singles per album

Not the proper way of treating a Queen :crying1: 

I agree everyone. The label the least though. 

But In the end Britney is their boss with Jaime (I would hope he would agree with logical requests) she could fire everyone. So the major blame is on her. Plus the quality is not good.



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I'll list them as my personal point of view

1- Britney: she's the artist, any decision made must be consulted to her so all the mess must be pointed to her. She takes this as a job not a passion, so there's no way you can enjoy and share to the world something you feel that "You have to do" :kyliecry:


2- Manager: Outdated manager who still relies on physical things, not becoming aware that we live in a streaming era. He helped a lot but at the same time he put her in the most comfortable zone and now he doesn't know how to get her out of there to stop destroying her legacy, and wake people's interest :whitney:


3-Team members: I'm pretty sure they say everything Britney wants to hear instead of being objective and realistic. E.g:

Britney: "How's my dancing?"

Her team: "It was amazing, great moves B" 



4- Record label: the last thing a record label expects if for their artists to flop so I assume they still invest a huge amount of money on her...is she paying them back? Doesn't look like it so now they must have decided she's no longer a top artist in their list :ineedthetruth:

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It's a combination of everything. We can't blame just one part of the formula, but I picked the record label.

Ultimately it is the record label who owns the material she records right? And they're the most interested in her albums and singles selling well. I believe they could find ways to promote her music, despite her lack of promo or interest or lazyness or whatever you want to blame her for. 

She could have all the attitude, and go to all the shows and perform live, and sing and dance, but there are things that go beyond her control, like GP's lack of interest in her new stuff. So yeah, she needs to step up her game, but the label has to make sure her music, her promo performances and everything is everywhere, with additional deals, sponsors, I don't know, or else her effort would be pointless. How many indie people is out there promoting the hell out of their music, but don't achieve a big success because they don't have the support of a record label? Britney right now is almost as if she had no label backing her up. If she didn't have the residency, and tried to go on a tour with BJ or Glory, she would've probably had to cancel many dates because of the low sales. Or who knows.

Now, we could say is probably Larry's job to talk with the people from the label, and insist that they keep supporting her even if her singles don't do well. Like find a way to repair the damage a bad single does to her career, releasing a better single the next time. But if it's not among his priorities, because he has the residency, or he doesn't want to bother Britney, or he thinks there's no more point to insist with more tracks because he thinks they already released the best of the album. Or maybe he was pissed because he wanted Clumsy to be the single but nobody liked it lol 

So I repeat, it's a combination of everything. But I think out of the three parts, Britney, her management and the label, the only one that could save the things despite the other two being wrong, is the record label because it's the element that has more power and control of the things.

If Britney does things right, but her management and label don't, it won't work.

If Larry is doing things right, but Britney and the label aren't cooperating, it won't work.

If Britney and Larry have the worst attitude and make the worst decisions, but the record label does its work properly, then things might work out even then. At least that's what I think a record label should be able to do.

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