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  1. I doubt she will move that far away from her kids, especially when she hasn't seen them as much as she wants and has missed out on their childhood. Maybe when they are over 18 and she doesn't need to deal with Kevin and the custody over the kids. But I do think she will get out of LA.
  2. Lou is everywhere! Hollywood is a small circle... It is kinda sus that Kim hasn't said anything regarding #FreeBritney, she is studying to become a lawyer so you would think she would have said something, but her ties to Lou explains it.
  3. I don't think she will be completely alone and left to take care of her millions. Most celebrities/millionares, if not all of them, have financial advisors ect. to help them. The difference here is that she can choose who she hires for this role, instead of it being someone corrupt like it is now.
  4. She didn't even get a copy of what she signed? That can't be legal. Also, there is no way Jamie can sue everyone who breaks their NDAs, that would take a lot of time/resources and his time is already running out. I hope more people follow Iggy and speak out even if they have signed NDAs.
  5. I am happy she spoke up! It must mean a lot to Britney to have the support of a childhood friend. Yes, they have had some drama in the beginning of their careers, but we all know how messy the media was back then (and still is) and how they loved to pin them against each other. I recent years Christina has spoken nicely about Britney and I think they have both matured and moved on from their petty "feud" back then.
  6. Britney has loyal fans yes, but the #FreeBritney movement really got big after the GP got involved and found out about it, it is not only the fans who have made it happen.
  7. One thing is to NOT buy/stream her music. That money doesn't go to her, it only feeds her team.
  8. I would love if she made her "The Rarities", however, the time is not right. It would be a money making move for the team, they know their time is running out and that would be a final cash grab for them. When she is free, I would love for her to release an album filled with previously unreleased tracks.
  9. State of Grace has actually been released by a French artist called Christophe Willem. The song in French is called "Entre Nous et le Sol".
  10. I became a fan during Circus so I remember that website! Then the FF era happened and that website looked so cheap it hurts
  11. She has a lot of old performances to choose from, interesting choice to post this one, where she almost sings in her natural voice.
  12. She might actually get a decent crowd. After this covid mess people are hungry for normal things again, going to concerts being one of those things. Katy might not have had huge hits lately, but her name is still known so I think she will do just fine. She also has a lot of hits to fill a setlist.
  13. Not until she's free. It will boost her streams/sales and that is just more money for team con
  14. The whole world is on Britney's side right now. It could be really bad if a "dark reason" for her to be in a c-ship came out, it could turn the gp against her again.
  15. She might do something like she did on BOMT/OIDIA and mix the two, use her deeper, stronger voice on ballads and do baby voice on dance tracks ect. However I do think it is unlikely that she will return to music (in the near future).
  16. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but Toxic was released in 2003, why did she win in 2005?
  17. Nobody knows, it depends on the contracts she signed. If she really wants to retire, but has two albums left, she can release unreleased stuff and call it a day. It's clear that she wants a more normal life, she has wanted to quit since about 2004.
  18. I read thr scans, and honestly it seems fake. There is no way Britney would do a TV tell all interview before she's free, her team/father would never allow that
  19. What's so surprising? She (her team) have proved that they can easily clean up her act in a short time, e.g looking like a mess in 07 and like perfection in 08/09.
  20. I can see what you are trying to say, but at the same time EVERYONE, famous or not gets critizism/gets judged. It's a part of life.
  21. As much as I like Stripped, I really wish she would return to the Back to Basics sound. It fits her voice so well.
  22. She has wanted to quit since like 2004, just accept that there might not be this huge comeback you all keep drooling after. If it happens on her terms then great, if not, that's ok too
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