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Britney's Most Promoted Album After In The Zone?

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Is it Circus, Femme Fatale or GLORY?


S/N The 2016 BBMAs was promo for Glory imho!


I'd say GLORY even though it was all over the place!  BBMAs, VMAs, IHeartRadio Festival, Apple Music Festival, UK talk show performance and the Jingle Ball concert!

She did some interviews in London and some over here in the States as well ... I'm sure I'm missing some things.

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I don't think Circus was promoted more than FF or BJ. Or what do you mean by promo?

I think FF and BJ both had more interviews than Circus, even if Womanizer had more performances. Glory probably had as many interviews as BJ, but they barely talked about Glory, while BJ at least got some comments about the actual songs. Overall, I think FF had an even amount of interviews and performances, but oh boy, what kind of interviews and performances :embarrassney:

I think Circus and Glory were more performance-oriented, and BJ more interviews oriented (or totally interview-oriented) and FF had both, but it was horrible.

We can never had a perfect era again :sickofu::giggleney:

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All of them are pretty even. 

"Circus" had a massive promo campaign for the first couple of months and then nothing, promo was over by December.  "Femme Fatale" and "Glory" didn't have the massive promo start that "Circus" had but I think their promo was a bit longer than Circus'.  "Glory" era started in July and by October she was still promoting in UK at the Jonathan Ross show. 


I will give it to "Circus" tho.. Just because it had more international promo, an epic comeback campaign, 4 singles and the biggest tour. 

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Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

This lmfao. She promoted Womanizer. Das it.

"Britney" had promo for ALL of the main singles, plus a world tour. So did "Baby".

She also released tons of videos for Britney. Her visuals and performances were what was selling the Britney album because the singles were bombing

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Without a doubt it was Circus. Not only was it her huge comeback which is one of the biggest comebacks of all time but she also had a huge tour accompanied by it. It's her highest grossing tour too so that just adds to how massive the Circus era really was. The hype was also huge that era and her appearance at the VMA's in 2008 added to that hype. So yeah overall Circus was her biggest post-breakdown era :bigtime:

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50 minutes ago, Minho said:

BJ and Glory are total flops due to lack of promotion so they aren't. FFney used the success that came from circus era and didn't promote it all so I eliminated it:  Circus 

No, FF also had catchy hit singles as well you know.

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