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  1. Trap music is not "hood" music. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Trap music is a subgenre of Hip Hop music that started in the South in the 90s
  2. I agree! Up until Blackout Britney albums got more R&B/Hip Hop influenced with each release. It started with The Britney album when she started to get some creative control. I feel like if Britney were able to do what she wanted musically she would be making R&B/Pop like JT or Justin Bieber. Britney is probably the only white Pop girl that could get away with doing it too. With Britney it comes off natural it doesn't come off forced or like she's trying to be cool it seems organic and Britney has a real love for R&B and Hip Hop music too. I mean most of Britney influences are R&B acts (Prince, Janet, Whitney, Toni Braxton). I always said Blackout should have been re-released with some new songs instead of releasing a new album so soon after the Breakdown. Blackout was just too damn good for not enough people to know about it. Blackout still goes HARD to this day and don't sound dated 14 yrs later ... every song is single worthy! In The Zone is her best body of work but Blackout is her best album U can play it straight through no fillers at all! Blackout re-released as a double disc CD with the 1st disc Blackout and the 2nd with Womanizer, Circus, Unusual You, Blur, Kill The Lights, Amnesia, Mannequin, Trouble and Quicksand or Telephone with Beyonce or Gaga. She also could have gave us the finished versions of Sugarfall, Kiss You and State of Grace on the 2nd disc and also the Break The Ice remix FT Fabolous and Gimme More remix FT Lil' Kim!
  3. I really hope it's some kind of end in sight for her. I can't imagine being in something like that I mean not being able to spend my $$ that I worked hard for how I wished, or just going for a drive or just hanging with friends etc. It's a special place in HELL for her father and all those involved and KARMA that ***** always comes around.
  4. I could have sworn that someone from her conservator team died or something. I believe I read that somewhere online a yr or 2 ago or something. She could say NO Im not doing that and Idc what you all do to me I'm not ******* getting an abortion. What are they going to do hold her down and drug her and carry her to the Dr and have him or her perform the surgery? The Dr wouldn't be able to do it under such conditions ntm I'm he could lose his license if he did and it got out. Her Boys are will be 15 and 16 this yr. At this point in the game she might not want to have anymore kids since they are almost grown and in College. Of course that could be a reason why she might want too. My Mom had my Brother when I was 15. I was the only child up until that point and always wanted a sibling but by that point I was over it lololol.
  5. 😳😳500K ******* dollar raise? These people are ******* ripping her off, what are they gonna do when they burn through all of her money and assets? Something hella SHADY is going on. I mean Britney net worth went from almost 300M to being only worth 60M. smh. I thought one of her conservator's died or something ... I don't know why I thought that I could have sworn I read that somewhere.
  6. Good point! OT If she was to get pregnant they can't make her get an abortion. However of course they could threaten to not let her do X, Y & Z if she didn't get an abortion. I'll be glad when Britney gets to tell her side of things in the courtroom regarding this unethical, inhuman conservatorship. I also think that EVERYONE involved in this from the judge (The 1 that 1st signed off on this back in 2008) all of the judges tat have overseen this case, the Drs, The lawyers and most importantly her Father and Lou Taylor needs to be investigated by The F.B.I! Didn't one of her conservators commit suicide or something? I believe his name was Andrew Wallet of all things smh.
  7. 😳 This is the biggest WTF moment I had when I seen this ridiculous thread. 😂😭😭
  8. That make sense and would explain why she's been locked in it for so damn long. Its crazy the amount of people that's all benefiting financially from this and its all from her sick Fathers doing too. I read a lil bit of Lynne's book yrs ago when it 1st came out but I never read it in full detail tho.
  9. I believe they used Jamie as a way to get into Britney's life. It's really baffling that the judge just took his word and didn't get a Dr to legally make that kind of assessment. They all deserve to be thrown under the jail where they themselves are forced to do hard labor for 15 cents a hr and they should have to pay Britney restitution too. I'm almost certain that they have been robbing her all these yrs. Britney is only worth 60M when just a few yrs ago she was worth almost 300M, so where did all of her money go? Jamie is a pathetic excuse for a father sure he helped her in the beginning but its no way that this conservatorship should have lasted all of this damn time.
  10. You know for ATRL to be a music forum they don't really have any real music knowledge smh. I had to make a thread about that and how Black artists created all of the genres we now have today from Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Country, Blues etc and they didn't even know that and how artists like Elvis and The Beatles were stealing from Black artists from that era and yet they reaped all of the praise and reward. Its sad that we are always boxed into Hip-Hop/Rap categories and R&B. Meanwhile Justin Bieber gets nominated for a Grammy in the R&B field yet artists of color hardly ever win in the main catagories. I'm sure U noticed how they lump Latin men and women to the Latin Grammys or just overlook them entirely? It's only a ZERO policy when it comes to POC like U and me ... meanwhile the white twinks get to run a damn mock. The way they treat Janet on there really grinds my gears and U can't tell me that it's not racism. ONLY on ATRL will Janet legendary status is subject for debate, or never heard or her music, she's forgotten, she has no classics and no lie man a thread is made EVERYDAY bashing her and its no lie either. Then its the constant threads just painting Black artists in a bad light. Its just really sad man we want acceptance from the straight people in the world then we turn around and treat each other so bad in this LGBTQ lifestyle. I never understood that for the life of me! I definitely will man I been researching everything about running a website and everything that comes with it.
  11. Its really crazy that the judge just took his word and didn't appoint a Dr to legally make that assessment. 🤦🏽‍♂️ I mean Britney was like was 27/28 at the time? This furthers proves my belief that the courts are also in on this mainly the judge handling Britney case. I believe Jamie paid off the judges, Drs and lawyers ... I'm almost certain that he did. Everyone that has been handling this case needs to be investigated, everyone from the judges, lawyers, Drs, The conservators (Jamie and everyone else) EVERYONE. This is too big to be just her Father, her team and that Lou Taylor woman.
  12. I AGREE! Something about a man that is always posting thirsty trap pics just don't sit well with me.
  13. Is he even a real celebrity? Reality star contestant sounds more fitting. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  14. Wow. That was underwhelming .. if "basic" was a person. 🥴 I guess I'm bias I never been into white men (Besides Paul Walker) tbh, just never been my preference. Baby give me a Black man or a PR poppy/Dominican man any day .. something about that brown skin when it be glistening 🙌🏾
  15. Nobody never said that White people don't have trauma however they do have white privilege and that's a FACT! White privilege isn't about wealth or money. White privilege is having the ability to drive in your car and don't have to worry about being stopped by cops for no reason other than being a Black man or women. White privilege is when a white male shoot up an entire movie theatre, kill a bunch of innocent people at a concert, a school, a church etc and still be carried out in handcuffs. Meanwhile Black people can't even flinch in front of the cops cause they'll get a bullet in their chest. Black people are 5xx more likely to be killed by the cops than White people are. You never seen a cop kill a white person but everyday they are killing black people at staggering numbers. I seen white people spit on cops, run from them, hit them, stab them, have weapons and everything else yet they are still apprehend without a single bruise or scratch. That's not even taking about the systematic racism and oppression black people have faced for the last 400 yrs. You seem smart and level headed yet U don't understand where Black and brown people are coming from? Yea I'm gonna call BS on that! 🤦🏽‍♂️
  16. ATRL is really headache inducing 😂 There is a few POC on Exhale but not a lot. From my experience there the mods just let people say all kind of insensitive things but when U say something back then U get a WP or banned. It's almost like the mods enable them and imo they agree with them cause they don't do or say anything about said behavior. The Britney and Gaga Stans were the worst ones too and I almost stopped posting there too but then they win. I was actually thinking about starting my own music forum website. I have also been called too sensitive on ATRL cause I don't find certain thing funny or if I say something about them constantly bashing and putting down artists of color mainly women like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki & don't even get me started on how they treat the men in Hip Hop and R&B. Only on ATRL will U see someone call Drake a flop lol.
  17. Britney isn’t retiring anytime soon. I wish fans stop running with that silly narrative. Like many Americans Britney cannot afford to retire at the moment, even if she wanted too. I mean not with a net worth of only 60M. It may sound like a lot to us but in her world that’s not a lot of money. Specially considering the people that are involved in the conservatorship are spending her money like it’s going out of style. Britney net worth have drastically reduced how the last 2/3 years. It’s really suspicious to me. With that said I’m really curious to see the next chapter in her career & exactly what direction she takes her music (& career) without having to get permission to do any and everything. I hope one of the 1st things she do is fire her ENTIRE TEAM Larry included and get some new young people on her team with some new innovative fresh ideas. I would love for her to do a Netflix documentary with just Britney alone in a warehouse telling her story in her own words! I think a movie or series (Netflix, HBOMAX etc) and book deal telling her full story in full detail would be great too ... tho I think a series would be so much better so everything can be told in full detail and not rushed for 1hr and 30m. Long as she releases great music and videos I don't care about the charts and give great energetic performances! Also Britney has to sing LIVE if she’s not going to do hard core choreography, nowadays is different and U can't get away with that unless ur doing hardcore choreography.
  18. That was one of the reasons why I actually stopped getting on Exhale for a while. I just started back using it. Exhale is bad but I would say that A T R L is the WORST! They ban you or give you a WP for absolutely no reason at all besides a scorn fan hitting the report button. I have had several threads closed for calling out The Grammys and their bias towards Black artists. Do you know that only 9 artists have ever won AOTY in the 60 plus yrs of the award show? Stevie Wonder won 3xx in the 70s so it’s actually lower than that. Its racism all over this world, it’s not just some US problem. Like U said some countries just hid it, ignore it or sweep it under the rug. However that doesn’t mean that it’s not there and that POC don’t experience hate, oppression and discrimination. White people wouldn’t know because it doesn’t happen to them! I remember Cardi B was in Australia and some woman yelled something racist at her in the airport or something and she’s a international superstar. Some Black & POC are really frustrated and tired and a lot of us feel hopeless. I mean can you blame them? It’s very traumatic to see people that look like you get treated less than a dog, killed by the police and everything else that’s been happening the last 400 yrs including systematic racism and oppression. Also most white people don’t understand when we say that they are privileged. They think that we are taking about wealth but no. White Privilege is having the ability to drive in your car and not have to worry about being stopped all because of the color of your skin (or worse killed) and I feel like majority of them get where we’re coming from but they are masters at flipping the script and pretending that they don’t understand. It was very disheartening to see all those people on Britney IG play dumb like they don’t understand.
  19. No problem man! You ain't never lied about that! Yea it sucks that people in 2021 still judge people based on their skin color, like they have any control over that?
  20. Some of the Cops in Philly drive around the inner city and racially profile people. Not all of them are bad tho I come across some good ones, I become used to it in a way. Whenever I'm in Delaware County or Montgomery County I never have any problems and never get stopped.
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