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  1. Thats what I was saying. I remember reading somewhere that a judge back in 2008 signed off on this under the claims that a 28 yr old Britney had dementia and never had her evaluated by a court appointed Dr. They just took her Dad word am I correct? They need to find that judge and disbar him or w/e it's called for judges. Sounds like a lot of people wallets have been fatten because of this and they too should be in jail or have their professional license's revoked.
  2. Hopefully it doesn't get to that. That woman have worked hard for her money & not for these leeches to just be draining her hard earned coins. It's really ****d up smh.
  3. I read the transcript yesterday on CNN & The NY Times but I didn't know that the audio was also released too. OMG man this is worse than we all thought it was and that was a fear of mine and us all I believe. I also agree with Britney and have been saying that EVERYONE involved in this conservatorship should be investigated by the FBI and should be in prison everyone from the Dr that 1st signed off on this back in 2008 with the claim of Britney having dementia but never once having a Dr check her for that, the lawyers, her Dad, Lou Taylor, whoever is managing her money, therapist, Larry, Management, etc etc EVERYONE. Her family isn't **** for just watching her go through this and not even try to help her. If it wasn't for Britney they wouldn't have **** and to me Britney sounds very much sane and in control.
  4. I agree I think that the talent is still there and I have always had faith in her that one day when this is all over, she'll WOW everyone. She definitely still has it in her to deliver an amazing performance. You can see it in her rehearsal videos however I feel like when she's on stage her nerves take over and it doesn't help that she's normally heavily medicated when performing. It would be really hard for anyone to still perform at 100-110% under such conditions. Glory was step in the right direction and was her best era post the breakdown, even better than Circus which was too soon imo. Lets not get too carried away now sis lololol. Beyonce Coachella performance was an EVENT & instantly ICONIC she KILLED that performance, Beyonce is definitely ahead of the pack when it comes to performing! Her 2016 VMAs performance was also EPIC too! Love her or hate her the girl delivers EVERY TIME she performs! She's easily the BEST performer of this generation EASILY! + Beyonce and Brit have always gotten along and have always supported one another and she has never shaded Britney before unlike say Christina, Gaga, Katy, P!nk or ***** *** JT. Notice the 1st 3 girls music careers are in the toilet. 😂
  5. We can only hope so! RCA SUCKS and she's better off on Interscope, Atlantic or even EPIC is better than RCA. I remember LA Ried wanting sign Britney but I don't know if he would do a good job with her. He didn't do the best with Janet and MJB, tho he did good with Mariah (TEOM), Usher, TLC & Toni Braxton! I think she should fire her entire team Larry included, leave RCA and spread her wings! TBH she should go independently and have Roc Nation manage her and that way she could do exactly what she wants too and Britney has the money and resources to do so or start her own label.
  6. Nowadays we are done with an album after a few days and most albums are DOA .. with so many songs being given away before the damn album even comes out.
  7. Me too, MC used to do it a lot too and neither have done it in a while. I really loved her All That She Wants Cover that's probably her best one yet, along with Burning Up!
  8. I know its been 5 YRS 😭 Beyonce and Rihanna also hasn't released anything and they are all on the same album schedule.
  9. She really does and she's not getting any younger. She will be 40 this yr too and we all know how the music industry in the US do women once they reach a certain age smh. I really hope something major happen at her court date later this month but a lot of fans don't think nothing will come from it? I just hope within the next yr she can get out of this. Its crazy how she can Tour, make multiple albums, do TV shows and everything else she was doing but she can't make her own decisions? She doesn't even mind people watching over her money she just want her Dad and the rest of the leeches removed from the conservatorship & they can't even do that for it smh. I don't blame her for not working she probably feels helpless and that was a last resort to get them removed cause she knows that's all they care about is the $$$. This whole thing is bad and I fear its worse then even we can imagine.
  10. That would be amazing! I love when Kygo takes a throwback song and modernize it like Whitneys Higher Love, Tina Turner What Love Got To Do With It and ***ual Healing by my fav Marvin Gaye!
  11. I agree I can see it being HUGE for her and the lyrics fits her so perfectly too its crazy. Once she's back in control of her IG I plan to inbox her with the idea lol she probably won't see it cause I'm sure she gets TONS of DMs but I'm going try! lololol
  12. I remember walking to school in elementary school (5th grade) in 1996 listening to Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown debut albums that I saved my money for and bought the cassette tape 😂😭😂 I remember getting The Opps, Britney and ITZ albums that Friday before they were released. It was this record store here in Philly and they would put the albums out early or if U called and asked for it they would sale it to you! Those were the days when U would rush to the CD store look around at all the music and buy Britney new album and listening to it on the ride home and looking at the booklet. It was really an experience that kids today will never understand, its not the same waiting for 12 am and clicking or tapping on your phone or laptop to stream your favorite artist.
  13. I became a fan of Britney in late 1999 after she dropped the remix to Crazy, Sometimes made me notice her but Crazy made me a fan not Baby. I think back then being fan was just better in general because U had MTV, BET & VH1 were still music focused and rushing home to see TRL OR 106 N Park was amazing and exciting. Then U had MTV Cribs, Diary, the fabulous life of on VH1 I believe everything was just better back then and music wasn't as microwaveable like it is today. Britney was in her prime the no.1 female in the world I would say and she had record companies trying to find they own Britney (Pink, Jessica Simpson, screamTina, Mandy Moore etc) and at the award shows everyone always wanted to see what she would do next. Just like how Beyonce is now when she performs! I feel like things were bigger back then and meant more without the internet/social media leaking everything. I will also say that Pop stars have it WAY WAY easier than when Britney was in her prime in the early 2000s and the 90s. Nowadays EVERYONE gets a standing ovation, everyone gets awarded and everyone gets good reviews and its much easier to chart nowadays too. In Britney hey days Pop stars didn't get good reviews, and U didn't get a standing ovation unless U really KILLED it. These Pop stars have it EASY nowadays.
  14. What is up with some fans and their obsession with artists writing they own music? Every artist isn't a songwriter or producer and a lot of these artists be paying for writing credits, quiet as kept! Britney has proved that she can write when she is given the chance too. I mean she has co-wrote Every time, Rebellion, State of Grace, All That She Wants, Let Go, Freakshow, Ooh Ooh Baby, Lonely, Touch of My Hand, Make Me, Work ***** etc and she has penned songs for other artists too. Y'all don't get that any artist that is signed to a major label is controlled by that label and have to do what they want at the end of the day. Hence Britney has been trying to record a R&B/Hip Hop album since Circus yet Jive/Rca always get what they want in the end.
  15. This tour really ****ed up her Touring power. I went to the show in Philly and I heard a lot of fans complaining about her not singing live. Which I understand, if she's not going to do hard choreography then she should definitely sing live.
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