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  1. My thoughts exactly too, we'll probably never know what really happened.
  2. That's what I'm thinking too The powers that be didn't care for it and made Britney say she didn't like it to save face. Man when everything comes out I fear it's going to be much worse then even we imagined. smh
  3. OMG I didn't have any knowledge of this? 😳 That sounds like something Larry would say and to be fair to him, we all love controversial Britney! It sounds like Britney being in this CS is ruining a lot of her professional relationships. I mean they ****ed over Joesph Khan AND David Lachappelle smh.
  4. I definitely think a 18M video could have worked and I think she would have been praised high for it if it was really great too! They could have done the long one 18m and a shorter version like MJ did with Thriller.
  5. That's what I don't understand either. I mean did she not watch any of it back after she got done filming scenes? Like U said videos are planned out to a T and she knew what it was going to be so why the sudden I don't like it narrative? It all just seems weird to me.
  6. She never came back performance wise imo. I been a fan since 1999 and have witnessed The Onyx Hotel Tour in person and yea she never came back. Britney in her prime danced her *** off, she always pushed herself, she had the attitude and everything and I didn't get that from The Glory era I was watching her M&Ms tour from 2007 and that was better than 99% of her performances post her comeback. I think if she wasn't on heavy meds, got a good choreographer, out of the CS and she was performing the music she wanted too I could see her putting on a great performance. She did try tho during The Glory era .. I mean she even did The VMAs and BBMAs and did shows overseas. FF and Circus and was just phoning it in and BJ she was totally clocked out LMAO
  7. What's so "vulgar" about it? It's no more "vulgar" than Toxic is. He does have a say over her career! That's one of the reasons why she's not working he's had a say in her career every since the CS started back in 2008. He has a say over her career, money and personal life I mean everything regarding her life he controls. smh!
  8. I didn't even think about that. Even more of a reason why Jamie rejected the video and stopped it from being released. He could have been paid to say that. Why would Britney film an entire video and then all of a sudden, she doesn't like it? NTM he came out of RETIREMENT for Britney and then she doesn't use his video? That was highly unprofessional among other things. Did she not watch any of the scenes after they were completed? All artists do that so it doesn't make sense that she didn't like it she had to see what she was filming and I'm sure it was mostly her idea and vision.
  9. Now that I think about it is Jamie the reason Britney didn't release The original video for Make Me? Because she couldn't? I always found it strange that Britney got David Lachapelle to come out of retirement to film her new video and then doesn't use his footage? Certainly while she was filming the video she was watching it back and if she didn't like it, why finish the video? The whole thing doesn't make sense to me and I never bought that excuse that Brit gave us back in 2016. What do you guys think? Idc what anyone says this video is EPIC EPIC EPIC and would have done a lot more justice for Make Me than the original video did. Britney looked GREAT, I like the dancing, the scenary etc everything about it was great! I personally think Jamie seen the video and wouldn't let Britney put it out thus making her record a whole new video. This could also be the reason why we only got 1 other single/video from this era. The money they used the 2nd Make Me video could have been used for a 3rd video/single.
  10. The YYT's were perfect for Boom Boom and they were HUGE back then! I always Britney to work with Nelly too! I was pissed when I came across her vocals for Tilt Ya Head Back cause I never knew that Jive wouldn't let her do that song. Jive/RCA mostly Jive and her team has held Britney back from doing a lot of great things in her career! I'll be glad when Brit is out of that Cship so she can fire every one of they ***** and create the music that she truly want too. This is unrelated but now that I think about it I believe that it was Jamie/her team that didn't want her to release the original Make Me video.
  11. Megan is hyped up a lot and I don't think she has lived up to that hype yet and I don't find her to be the best female MC. However it's not many female MC's like there is with the men so I want her to win and I want all of the females in Hip Hop to win! I always said that if the women in Hip Hop could at least learn to work together, that they could easily over throw the men and takeover.
  12. Speak for yourself! The 1st half of her career she didn't do collaborations, give her a break! Britney likes working with other artists too.
  13. I would be here for that! I been a fan of Cardi's since she came out and its crazy that she already has 5 no.1 hits and a Grammy under her belt already!
  14. For some reason, I don't really consider a rapper. I consider her lot be more like a Fergie. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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