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The most depressing part of the concert tonight...

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24 minutes ago, tabletopfreak03 said:

whats most depressing is that we probably won't get this in HD. :meltdown:

I'm so pressed they aren't even officially live streamed :tiffeyeroll: Potato quality videos should be left in the 1980s where they belong :tiffsmoke:

15 minutes ago, Vgameman2011 said:

RIGHT! The girls in front of me knew Make Me too!! I don't get it

VMA-ney, ha impact! :queenflopga2: 

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15 minutes ago, Denise said:

Tell us more about the performance pls.. something we haven't seen :hugs:

It was basically a mini POM like her other performances but she did GREAT and her outfit was FIRE. Cute brown boots and some short Jean shorts and a black top. 

7 minutes ago, dreckig said:

Be glad they didn't reply "it's not on my version of Britney Jean" 

I would've cried, tbh:meltdown:

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Some people dont know about Glory because they are not interested in Britney.. she can do all the promotion in the world, if some people don't care, they will never know anything about her


I'm in this way with Beyonce. I know just 2 of her songs, drunk in love and single ladies... but I don't know anything about her, I don't know how many albums she has... I don't care about her. 

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1 hour ago, zone said:

She promoted Vegas not Glory

people need to stop acting like she didn't promote Glory though

Private Show commercial

Make Me release : video, VMA performance

Promo singles

after the VMAs she performed Make Me and DYWCO

She did many interviews, magazine covers

Now her setlist has 3 Glory songs

could have been better but she IS promoting Glory


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1 hour ago, danny1994 said:

Blame the radio, Britney has done all the promo in the world on her end :sassybrit:

True, but I think their mistake was that they promoted her previous singles with new one. I guess it would have better reaction from GP and radio if she only performed MM combined with SP or even only SP.

But she needs to continue performing on awards shows and festivals next year,because it will be good decision in the long run and it will have an impact on success of her next album.

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