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Is anybody else in love with What you need


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OK so I've had what you need on repeat for at least 3 days now and I just can't get enough. I know it has no chance of single treatment which I'm kinda glad of, its kinda the hidden gem of Glory which I like 

Britney vocals is just so fierce in it especially "don't know just what you started take a chance  let me roll the dice" 


And let's be honest it is unlike anything we've ever heard from her before. I'm hoping B10 has at least one song with a similar sound. 

Also I need a live performance of What you need like right now 

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5 minutes ago, skindeeper said:
3 minutes ago, PerfumeGuy said:


3 minutes ago, PerfumeGuy said:

It is a grower I think but I hope B10 has more uptempo FemmeFatale-style songs :feelingmyself:


I would be fine with that but I just want her to squeeze in one What you need esque song. Japan deluxe edition track maybe ?

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38 minutes ago, breaktheiceofmrv said:

It's not a single material but i love it.I even thought something right after VMAs :hehehe:

After Beyonce's 15 min. jumping,sitting,hateful looking performance,imagine she's on stage singing (it's just a thought) What You Need and stops after the line "..it's winners time!" and performing Make Me :giggleney:


That would have been so perfect, the slayage would have been EPIC!! :slayney:





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35 minutes ago, Britney Cyrus said:

It was instantly one of my favourites. I've been playing to everyone who gets into my car



When I listened to Glory for the first time What you need was the instant stand out for me every time I listen its like my inner fierce diva ***** iis awakened :brit:

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