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Literally nobody knows Slumber Party exists

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5 minutes ago, SlayOut said:

And more iTunes purchases means it would've been successful in the longterm? l0Hlv9JhkeopCZMoo.gif Slumber Party has always seemed to have more streams from the start, but how do you know they're from stans? What if it was a song that stans and npn-stans streamed before it became a single?l0Hlv9JhkeopCZMoo.gif 

I have no proof the streams were mostly from stans, but Liar charted decently on iTunes for a non single and SP didn't even crack the top 1000 l0Hlv9JhkeopCZMoo.gif

btw, I love SP, I just didn't think the GP would give it a chance

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Let's be real: this is like 75% her team's/label's fault. If they cared enough about this song, they would have tried to go all out. 

The Weeknd is out there with pop-up stores (??), random art installations that play his album non-stop and flashy videos with banners across all streaming platforms. Meanwhile, all we get is a video (an amazing one, yes, but that's beside the point) and an update to the track across the platforms.

I honestly don't even expect anything anymore so I should be happy the video was amazing I guess :foh:

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Yeah at this point we shouldn't expect any kind of promo for the song other than her 2 December festivals along with some radio interviews that will do little to nothing for the song since it wasn't even released as an individual single..

Sad because I believe the song had potential to smash  :beyfedup:

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If you guys look at the full quiz results, only TWO out of seventeen tracks have a top percentage vote that isn't "I don't know this song." They are something by 21 Pilots (?) and that annoying Ariana/Nicki collab. 

Yes, Slumber Party does have the highest "I don't now this song" percentage, but almost every other song still lands in the 40-75% too. 

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6 hours ago, Body ache said:

Pop culture is not the same anymore. Nobody wets their pants over a Britney release anymore and radios know this, but if you look homeless and have a weird name like Halsey then youre in. l0Hlv9JhkeopCZMoo.gif

I actually really enjoyed Halsey's album, it's a good chill album, but I get what you're saying. Also there are far worse people than Halsey tbh. 

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8 hours ago, DoSomething954 said:

That's not shocking. She performed MM all over the place and no one cared. So of course ppl won't care about SP with no performances yet.

Well people did care actually. Make Me... debuted at #17, dropped down to the 50s, rose to the 30s and then after the VMA performance it re-peaked at 17 after it hit #2 on iTunes for almost a week.

Britney needs to promote more often. She also needs to kick it up a notch in the quality of her performances because that's what's burying her.

People want dance breaks and bigger spectacles from Britney because that's something no other pop girl right now really does (except Beysteal).

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12 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

Little monsters and BeyHive vote in those poles.

Slumber Party has been out for like 9 days. 

Needed Me and Into You were unknown before they got longevity.


So you are comparing Britney (flop single/video) to popular singers such as Rihanna (#1 with Work) & Ariana (#8 with DW)? :surething:

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